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I just wanted to say thank you for the great experience last week. The kids were happy and the ease of everything reaffirmed my faith in SmartSitting. You make the impossible happen with the least bit of fuss. Thank you.Fahmida, 2/17/14

Thank you again for your quick help last night. I so enjoyed meeting Emily and my son was immediately comfortable with her. This is a huge relief and I can’t say enough about the support and professionalism of your team.Lindsay, 1/15/14

Karina was fantastic.  The girls loved her.  She was sweet and they were SUPER excited to make a whole paper Christmas tree with tape-on ornaments (craft and art projects are their favorite). She was very friendly and down-to-earth and asked a lot of good questions before we left.  We also experienced a first–she washed all of our dinner pots and pans left in the sink, and flipped our dishwasher–never would have asked for or expected that! Would love to have her sit again–the girls are demanding it.Valerie, 12/23/13

I wanted to thank you for the lovely gift bag. It was a very sweet and generous gift! I also want to applaud your efforts to build a first rate sitting service to support NYC parents. We all know it takes a village, but many NYC parents are on our own, without extended family to help. Your team has been a life saver for me this year, providing me with unparalleled support and incredible sitters. Thank you so much!
Sam’s Mom

We LOVE Davie-Blue; my younger son, a notorious hard-to-please character, basically said she was the best sitter we ever had. I am really grateful to you!

Amy B – Loved her, my husband and I felt like she was more like a good friend of ours rather than just a babysitter. Brianna K – Sweet as can be. We treasure the fact that she loves to take our daughter on adventures to the park for hours. The network – Beyond easy to find fully trustworthy and absolutely sweet sitters.
Laura D

We love Lacy W. and her friends who we have met as potential backups! It’s been a rough transition for our children, as we had only 1 sitter for their whole lives! That said, they have come to really like and trust Lacy. Your site is very easy to use, but most importantly, your personal attention to us was really very special. You listened to our needs and desires in a sitter, but also were very willing to work with us on the financial end, which meant a lot and enabled us to continue working together. Also, you were very prompt in replies and help, which was wonderful given our tight schedule for finding someone!

And as usual, SmartSitting saves the day!

Malynda did just great! Thanks again for the recommendation. We’ll definitely use your service again next time we’re in NYC.

Makes the process very easy and reliable from soup to nuts.
Scott K.

Kristen is a wonderful sitter. She is punctual, responsible, and truly cares about the children, their well being, and their education. She is always thinking of creative ways to educate and motivate the children. Before using your service, I spent countless hours going through listings on craigslist and having to interview candidates of varying quality on the phone and in person.

Brianna started working for us when I was newly expecting my second child. Right from the start, she was prompt, friendly and considerate, adapting quickly to our family’s routines. My daughter, who was 1.5 at the time, took to her immediately and started calling her “Nanny” since she couldn’t say her full name. Brianna has been very hands-on with our daughter – reading books to her, singing songs, and doing arts and crafts. All summer, they explored the Upper East Side together, from playing in the sprinklers to music and dance programs in Central Park. Our daughter loved their little adventures, particularly when it involved riding the bus! Halfway through the summer, Brianna had a new challenge of helping our daughter through the transition of welcoming a sibling to the family. During an exciting and sometimes overwhelming time of transition, Brianna handled the situation with grace and generosity. She gave our daughter some “big sister” gifts the first time she came to babysit after the baby was born. She has been understanding about going with the flow but has also helped maintain our daughter’s routine and provided her with the extra special attention she needs right now. We’re grateful it was Brianna who was there to help us out and be part of a very special time for our family.

Erica was great! Arrived early, my son (and cat) loved her, and she managed to deal with a teething baby! Thanks again.

Lauren — Ashley is fantastic! Everything went very smoothly yesterday. I came home to find both of our girls working on their homework and chatting animatedly with Ashley. Thanks again!
Tom W.

Really enjoyed having Kasia today! Will use her again! My kids know Spanish and she is fluent!


I just wanted to send out a quick thank you -  I realized that I have been with the Brown family for over two years now! Crazy! I am so happy that I found Smartsitting and that I was connected with this job. The whole family is so important to me, and I feel very lucky to have 5 wonderful kids in my life every day. So thank you!
- Chelsea, 2/24/14

I have had the most amazing experiences with the kids this summer SmartSitting! I'm sure Miss Violet and I will be spending some evenings and weekends together this Fall. I'm gonna miss that little pouty face - and I dreamed about Annie's baby George last night! I miss him terribly.
Molly R.

I really just want to thank you for running such an amazing, professional, high-spirited business. I am constantly impressed by all that you do. Not to mention, I am in love with my SmartFamily, and feel more attached to their kids than I even thought possible. And I have you to thank for connecting me with them! So best of luck tomorrow, and have a great holiday. Thanks again!
Amanda S.

When I moved to New York City this summer, I wanted to babysit, but I did not know where to get jobs. I tried putting up fliers in my parent’s apartment building, and I found a few websites to post my information. I was worried about strangers and families, and my own safety. Luckily I found SmartSitting! SmartSitting provided the job opportunities as well as the security of knowing the families. Within the week, I had applied to a job and babysat for my first SmartSitting family. I was impressed with SmartSSmartSitting as a niche business, providing such a necessary service for both families and babysitters; everybody wins. Furthermore, the care that Dara and Lauren put in to get to know the sitters, the families, and create a match with personalized attention was inspiring. Not only did they work out the logistics of arranging interviews, but they check in with every sitter and every family after the first few times together, to make sure everyone is happy and on the same page. I knew that this was a company and community that I wanted to be a part of. With extra time in the summer, I became more involved with SmartSitting, helping out by running some interviews and doing little things for Dara and Lauren, the amazing directors. I got to meet a lot of sitters, and I became adept at seeing their passion for children in the interviews. I can personally say that the pool of sitters in the network is truly amazing. As a full-time Nursery School Teacher, I was able to find a job that was right for me. I babysit for a family twice a week on Mondays and Tuesdays. I have come to love these boys, and Mondays and Tuesdays are days I look forward to. The family has been flexible working with me, and now that I am starting Graduate School to get a Masters in Education, I will still be able to continue working with them. As a teacher, I get to know a lot of children, families, teachers and babysitters, and I do not hesitate to recommend SmartSitting to anyone looking for an amazing babysitter, or recommend it to those sitters whom I think would be a great addition. I cannot praise SmartSitting enough!?
Salvi M.

I’ve met some really sweet kids through SmartSitting. My first gig was for a couple of kids from Manhattan, who were not only well behaved and easy to be around, but socially engaging (at 8 and 11!), and well spoken (especially the 11 year old – I have never met someone that young who was as well spoken as he was). The two kids seemed to want me to feel as comfortable in their presence (and home) as I would want them to be in my company. I’m grateful to be a part of a community where I can meet these kids who leave a positive impression on me far beyond the ordinary expectations of what “babysitting” should be like for a sitter. Lauren and Dara have been attentive, available and giving towards me since I joined the SmartSitting network. They are some of the most helpful people I’ve ever worked with professionally, in childcare or otherwise. I’ve turned to them last minute for information, rescheduling or otherwise and they are consistently flexible and understanding.
Martin L.

I can tell you so many wonderful stories about my little Emily!! I am SO SO happy with her and Nadia, Kim and Ben. I truly feel like a part of their family; I literally almost witnessed the birth of Nadia! I rushed in a cab from Herald Square to the Upper East Side to get huge hugs from both Kim and Ben as they then rushed in the cab to the hospital (she was in labor and had the baby only a few hours later!) I have watched Nadia grow soo much since her birth! I just love knowing that Kim and Ben called ME when they needed to rush to the hospital; I was so honored to be a part of such an amazing time in their lives.. Emily is my little big girl!! She calls me Nanni (Brianna in 2 year old terms) and gives me the tightest hugs when she says “uppie!” (She knows that I hold her while we cross the road, and since I’m usually holding a diaper bag or pushing a stroller, she helps me out by hugging as tight as possible!) She blows me kisses during storytime and never lets me say bye-bye without a hug and kiss on the cheek. Her parents tell me that she asks about me when I’m not there, and that she gets excited when she knows I’m coming…I just LOVE her soooo much (I don’t want to think about the day when I have to grow up and get my own big-girl job : ( ) My experience as a SmartSitter has been absolutely incredible and unbelievably rewarding; I have watched my little girls grow so quickly! It’s mind boggling to me to think that Emily learned to say “please” from ME, a word she will obviously use for the rest of her life! (Kim insists that I taught her that word!) I love knowing that I may have had any sort of impact on the lives of these girls, and I am just so happy to have had a chance to do so! So thank youuuu thank you thank you for setting me up with my family! And literally, they have become my family.
Brianna K.

Through SmartSitting, I got to connect with a really smart, precocious 8-year-old, Caitlin. After a conversation regarding silly bandz, I stuck a few in the mail to her. After not hearing from Caitlin for a few weeks, I was taken aback when I found a handwritten thank you card she sent buried in a pile of mail.
Aditi R.