Our Nanny Agency’s Placement Process

We maintain a pre-screened network of New York’s most qualified, experienced and well-educated babysitters and nannies, eliminating the need to sift through masses of applicants to find your perfect match. There is no fee to begin a search.

Rolling Recruitment

Our nanny agency holds babysitter and nanny interviews on a rolling basis, year-round. We seek out the best candidates for every possible position, meaning we’ve been searching for your perfect caregiver long before you contacted us. Only 7% of candidates make it through our intensive screening process, so every candidate comes highly recommended by our nanny agency. Read more about our Screening Process.

Personal Consultations

Families begin by filling out our Family Application, and we follow up with an in depth call or in-person consultation where we learn about your family dynamics, specific childcare needs, schedules, and what matters most to you in a babysitter or nanny.

Speedy Connections

Thanks to our ongoing nanny recruitment process, our matching process begins immediately. We hand select available candidates from within our approved network of nannies and babysitters and often have resumes for families to review within 24-48 hours.

Personalized Recommendations

Our nanny agency works through all of the many variables the nanny search entails to recommend only candidates that specifically fit the needs of your family. Recommendations come complete with SmartSitting profiles that include biographies, work and childcare experience, references, and contact information.

Interview Scheduling and Trial Sessions

We’ll coordinate interviews based on your schedule, either at home or at a nearby location. We encourage trial sessions so both the family and the nanny have a chance to feel out if it is a good fit on both ends.

Reference Reports and Background Checks

We provide detailed reference reports and will in coordinating reference calls upon request. All of our babysitters and nannies complete a National Criminal Background Check prior to being referred to families.

Nanny / Family Contract

Setting expectations and guidelines early on minimizes potential miscommunication and maximizes happiness for both our families and nannies. We offer our experience and support in helping you outline general rules and day-to-day responsibilities for your SmartSitter.

Ongoing Support

We’re here for you to help with any additional coverage, whether you need a last minute babysitter, an extra night out or a backup nanny. Our network is your support system.

Contact Us Today!

Please complete our Family Application and we’ll gladly provide further details about how we can best assist you.