Aaron N.


SUNY Geneseo, B.A. Musical Theatre, English; Women's Studies

Childcare Experience

Child Wrangler
New York, NY, 11/14 - 12/14
Girl, age 9; Boy, age 9; Boy, age 10; Boy, age 12

Theatre Instructor/Scene Director
Rochester, NY, 07/08 and 07/09
Girls, ages 13-16; Boys, ages 12-13

Professional Experience

Production Assistant
New York, NY, 03/13 - 06/13

New York, NY, 05/12 - 03/13

New York, NY, 11/11 - 12/11

Rochester, NY, 06/09 - 08/11

Show Historian
New York, NY, 03/13

About Me

Since graduating college, I have been finding opportunities that build on what I learned there. This has often coincided with working with children. At the Susan B. Anthony House and Museum, where I gave tours for two years, I often found children, whether with families or in school groups, to be some of the most interested visitors. They noticed things and asked questions that adults rarely did. I suppose I expected to work with children at Rochester Children’s Theatre. There were none in ‘Cinderella,’ but in ‘Peter Pan’ they outnumbered the adult cast. I had a lot of fun working with them, whether they were besting me in a sword fight on stage or goofing around with video games, jewelry braiding, and sign language off stage.

I was kind of the middle cousin, with only three cousins much older and the rest younger, so my earliest childcare responsibilities were with family. I also babysat a few of the neighborhood kids in high school. Working as a Child Wrangler was great, because I was passing along my own knowledge and love of theatre to the kids I looked after. The directors had covered teaching their parts, but I emphasized the importance of being ready to go on stage, listening for specific cues from stage management and letting the stage managers know they’d been heard, and being respectful of the show and the adult cast and crew. They seemed to come to love the routine we established of making the show happen, from little games we played to get them ready for the start of the show to collecting money for Broadway Cares after it was over.

I have professional childcare experience with…

Pre-school aged children, Elementary school aged children, Middle school aged children, Multiples

I will be SmartSitting while…

I will be SmartSitting while finishing writing projects and submitting them to appropriate contests or companies. I will also be applying for work in journalism and show business, particularly writing and performing jobs in the latter, but backstage work as well. I will continue to read a wide variety of books (not while watching the children) and blogging about them.

In 5 years, I hope to be…

In five years I hope to be published, performing, and having my own work performed, ideally by people other than myself.

Activities & skills I love to teach & share with children…

I have taken beginner level courses in French, Italian, Spanish and Latin, and sung in all of those languages plus German. I can often guess what words and sentences mean, but I am not fluent. I can do basic cooking, which I have been getting better at since moving away from my parents and having to fend for myself, and I can participate in most sports (though I have no trophies to back that up), and I enjoy making crafts, but I am best at making stories.