Annelise B.


American Academy of Dramatic Arts, A.A., Acting
Goddard College, B.A., Individualized Study, Art Therapy

Childcare Experience

After-school / On-call Babysitter
New York, NY, 01/09 - Present
Girl, age 7-9; boy, age 5-7
After-school / On-call Babysitter
Brooklyn, NY, 08/11 - Present
Girl, age 3-4 and boy, age 8 months-15 months
After-school / On-call / Travel Nanny
New York, NY, 01/12 - 02/13
Girl, age 8 months to 17 months
Evening / On-call Babysitter
New York, NY, 03/12 - Present
Girl, age 15 months
Evening / On-call Babysitter
New York, NY, 04/13 - Present
Girl, age 7

Professional Experience

Brooklyn, NY, 03/13 - Present
Extra/Background Actor
New York, NY, 03/13
Reenactment Principal
New York, NY, 06/12
Director's Assistant
New York, NY, 08/09 - 05/10

About Me

I have worked as a babysitter for nearly 6 years and I still consider it one the best jobs in the world.  My passion is the theater arts. In other words I love to play, sing songs, make puppets, dance, be creative and go for adventures. I love being around children because they live outside the box, and still experience the world with a sense of wonder. Creating and living in stories is an everyday activity for them and it is something that I feel is very important both as an actress and as a babysitter. It is a way to explore one’s self, the world and one’s place within the world. I believe that I can learn as much from children as they can from me.

I have professional childcare experience with…

Infants, Toddlers, Pre-school aged children, Elementary school aged children, Middle school aged children, Multiples

I will be SmartSitting while…

Auditioning for roles in film, theater, and television.

In 5 years, I hope to be…

Union and regularly working as an actress.

Activities & skills I love to teach & share with children…

Cooking, playing soccer, drawing, making puppets or other crafts, making up stories, dancing, singing.