Emily L.


New York University,  M.A., Humanities & Social Thought
Trinity College, B.A., English

Childcare Experience

Kindergarten Tutor
Brooklyn, NY, 09/12 - Present
Girls and boys, age 5
Summer Music Teacher
Trumbull, CT, 06/04 - 08/06
Girls and boys, elementary and middle-school aged

Professional Experience

Writing Associate
Hartford, CT, 09/11 - 05/12
Web Publishing Intern
Newtown, CT, 05/11 - 08/11
Office Assistant
Shelton, CT, 02/08 - 08/11
Peer Tutor
Trumbull, CT, 09/06 - 06/08

About Me

Literature and history are two of my greatest passions, and my program allows me to explore them in depth with the guidance of accomplished faculty members. I am always seeking new opportunities to share my interests with others, and working with children is no exception. During my first semester as a graduate student, I joined NYU’s America Reads program. The program’s initiative to provide support for classroom teachers in urban schools resonated within me. I grew up listening to my mother, a teacher in Bridgeport, Connecticut, lament the difficulties of working around her school system’s limited resources while facing classes as large as 30 students. Therefore, I have always felt that fortifying the quality of education in America should begin with providing extra help in the classroom.

Since September, I have been working closely with two kindergarten teachers at Beginning with Children Charter School in Brooklyn, reinforcing lessons that span all subject areas. And although I am now working with young children, I still apply some of the pedagogical techniques that I encounter in my college courses—specifically, encouraging discussion among students regarding their daily lessons and reading material. It is my belief that the exchange of thoughts and ideas fosters creativity and a sense of community among students. We all have questions when we read, after all; one of the best ways to find answers is to share our questions with our peers! Just the other day, I was reading a book to a group of students on the early settlement of America. One student, inquiring further on the origins of Columbus and his three ships, was able to find Spain on a map to show all of her peers. It’s always satisfying to watch students probe beyond the parameters of the original lesson plan.

As an undergraduate, I first began to consider teaching as a career. I was eligible to work at Trinity College Writing Center after completing a course on Writing, Rhetoric, and Pedagogy. In high school, however, I was extremely studious and heavily involved in extracurricular activities, so I did not babysit with much regularity. Yet I did spend my summers working as a music teacher at a summer camp open to all public school students, from ages 8 to 13. As someone committed to education, I am keen on nurturing not only academic curiosity but also an interest in extracurriculars (whether it be art, sports, etc.). As a child, my involvement in music cultivated my own sense of individuality, and I would encourage any child I sit for to develop hobbies specific to his or her interests. Reflecting on all of my varied experiences working with young people, I strongly believe that more focused learning takes place when I work with children one-on-one or in small groups. I was attracted to SmartSitting for that reason; working one-on-one with a family creates an ideal closeness, in which one child or a small handful of children have the full attention of their sitter.

In addition to tutoring, I enjoy writing poetry, cooking, practicing the viola, jewelry making, and working as an editor for my graduate department’s interdisciplinary journal, Anamesa.

I have professional childcare experience with…

Elementary school-aged children, Middle school-aged children

I will be SmartSitting while…

Working towards an M.A. in Humanities & Social Thought at The Draper Program at New York University.

In 5 years, I hope to be…

Enrolled in an English or Comparative Literature Ph.D. program, preferably in New York City, where I can prepare for my desired career as a college English professor. I also see myself continuing to pursue my hobbies and passions, such as working with children, practicing the viola, making jewelry and writing poetry.

Activities & skills I love to teach & share with children…

Certified America Reads tutor with proficiency in Spanish language. Experience in tutoring elementary, high school, and college students in writing. Also experienced in tutoring elementary-level math, reading, and social studies.