Jessica Leigh S.


University of Virginia, B.A. in Interdisciplinary Major in Dance and Arts Administration

Childcare Experience

Part-time Babysitter
New York, NY, 10/12 - Present
Girl, age 4-6

Occasional Babysitter
New York, NY, 06/13 - Present
Boy, age 5

Part-time Babysitter
Charlottesville, VA, 09/09 - 08/12
Two boys, age 6 months - 2 years and 3-5

Part-time Babysitter
Fredericksburg, VA, 05/12 - 08/12
Two girls age 2 and 8; boy age 6

Part Time Babysitter
Fredericksburg, VA, 11/05 - 12/10
Triplets, age 5-10

Part Time Babysitter
Fredericksburg, VA, 07/04 - 08/08
3 girls, ages 4-12

Professional Experience

Patient Operations Associate
New York, NY, 10/12 - Present

New York, NY, 09/12 - Present

Costume Coordinator
Charlottesville, VA, 02/09 - 05/12

Development Intern
Becket, MA, 05/11 - 09/11

Various Cities, 06/10 - 1/11

About Me

After graduating from the University of Virginia, I moved to New York City to pursue my passion for dance and the arts. I am exploring the city’s vast dance, performing arts, and yoga scene, and discovering the city in the process. I am passionate about the role of the arts in education and have a fierce love for learning at all ages.

When working children, I love observing early developmental/movement patterns and fostering movement in every part of life. As the oldest of three girls, I started babysitting by looking after my own sisters, and have enjoyed caring for and playing with children ever since. I’ve babysat for a variety of age groups and am comfortable caring for children of all ages, including infants and toddlers.

I believe in creating a loving, kind, and encouraging environment that fosters growth and exploration. Whether this means finding new delicious and fun recipes, throwing dance parties, or figuring out how things work, I want to always be learning, playing, and growing alongside the children in my life. I love to read, play games, explore museums and libraries, go on walks, and expand my creativity though all sorts of arts and crafts. I can’t wait to meet you and your family!

I have professional childcare experience with…

Infants, Toddlers, Pre-school aged children, Elementary school aged children, Middle school aged children, Multiples

I will be SmartSitting while…

Taking dance and yoga classes across the city, and both making and performing in a few dance works with friends.

In 5 years, I hope to be…

Earning my MFA in Dance, teaching yoga, and sharing a lot of my choreography!

Activities & skills I love to teach & share with children…

Include (but are not limited to) sharing movement and dance, reading, crafting, and making delicious and healthy food with new recipes.