Stephanie M.


Miami International University of Design, B.A. Fashion Merchandising

Childcare Experience

Brooklyn, NY, 01/14 - Present
Girls, age 2

Miami, FL, 05/13 - 09/13
Boy, 8 years old

Miami, FL, 06/04 - 05/11
Boy, age 1-8; girl, age 3-10

Professional Experience

Native Speaking English Teacher
New Taipei City, Taiwan, 05/11 - 05/13

About Me

In my almost ten years of experience working with children, I have had the pleasure of working with some wonderful families and students. My first years were spent working with a lovely family down in Florida and I recently returned from spending two years teaching English abroad in Taiwan. While teaching in Taiwan, I worked with several different age groups, from pre-K to junior high. I learned so much during that experience that I hope I can bring to my next family. I love arts and crafts, reading, movies, outdoor activities and basically anything that can keep children engaged and thirsty for more knowledge. I like to encourage curiosity and appreciation for the world around us. I try to maintain a positive environment full of meet-able challenges in order to foster high self-esteem in my charges. Having had classrooms of 15+ kids at a time, I feel very comfortable being responsible for the care of several children at once.

When I’m not taking care of little ones I spend a lot of my time exploring this wonderful city of ours, reading, cooking, practicing yoga, volunteering and soaking up all of the culture around us. I’m also an avid traveler. Along with living in Asia for two years, I’ve traveled extensively throughout Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America. I hope my next adventure takes me on an African Safari or on walkabout in Australia.

I have professional childcare experience with…

Infants, Toddlers, Pre-school aged children, Elementary school aged children, Middle school aged children, Multiples

I will be SmartSitting while…

Also caring for a lovely pair of twins in Park Slope.

In 5 years, I hope to be…

Working with one amazing family full-time!

Activities & skills I love to teach & share with children…

Arts & crafts, songs, reading, dance.