Mia E.


Brown University, M.F.A., Acting
Tougaloo College, B.A., Music

Childcare Experience

Afternoon Babysitter
NYC, 4/2013 - 6/2013
Girl, age 8

Temporary Babysitter
NYC, 3/2013 - 6/2013
Children, ages 10 months - 7

Evening Babysitter
Barrington, RI, 06/11 - 06/12
Girl, age 5-6; boy, age 3-4

Summer Babysitter
Pawtucket, RI, 08/11 - 09/11
Boy, age 3

Daycare Assistant
Madison, MS, 06/09 - 07/09
Children, ages 1-3

Professional Experience

Teaching Artist
Providence, RI, Fall 2013, Summer 2014

Teaching Artist and Counselor
Providence, RI, 06/10 - 07/10, 06/11 - 07/11

Piano and Music Instructor
Madison, MS, 06/09 - 07/09

About Me

When I was eleven years old, I asked my mom if I could volunteer at the daycare center at our church during the summer. I have no idea where this idea came from, but ever since then, I have been drawn to finding ways to have children in my life. I believed then that I could do anything and have done many things but the two things I’ve always wanted to do were to act and babysit/nanny/tutor/mentor children.

When taking care of children, my greatest joy is seeing how they engage with words and books and create their own worlds. I encourage playing without feeling the need to be right or wrong and embracing a new idea when it comes along. How do I help children balance being independent and group thinkers, participants, and creators? How do children play and discover while also being polite and understanding? How do we develop a clear way to communicate that builds trust among parents, children, and their caregivers? These answers are constantly changing and being negotiated whenever I babysit, and each time I babysit, I learn something new.

In addition to all of the above, I enjoy reading, singing, practicing yoga, walking and looking up, listening to music/the violin, cooking dinner, baking cookies, exploring museums, sewing, watching movies (Finding Nemo and Chicken Little are on my top twenty list), and making homemade popcorn.

I have professional childcare experience with…

Toddlers, Pre-school aged children, Elementary school aged children

I will be SmartSitting while…

Pursuing theater opportunities in the city.

In 5 years, I hope to be…

Developing a curriculum for a children's summer theater. I hope to also be a consistently working actor and/or a member of an acting company with the ability and time to visit my family more than once a year.

Activities & skills I love to teach & share with children…

Classical Singing, Dialects, Yoga, Arts/Crafts, Basic Spanish, Basic Piano, Voice, Music, Writing, Sewing, Cooking, Baking