Application Process

To ensure the highest success rate at placing nannies and babysitters in a family’s home, and to ensure the most personalized matching process, we are only able to help a small number of qualified applicants find positions. Select candidates undergo an intensive screening process which includes background checks and reference checks, during which we get to know your unique personality while you learn more about our agency and job opportunities.

1. Application

Submit an online application to let us know why you are an excellent nanny or babysitter. Give thoughtful answers that detail your childcare experience and demonstrate your love for children.

2. Interview

Exceptional applicants are invited to attend an in-person interview at our office in Union Square. This gives us a chance to learn more about your personality and childcare expertise, while you get to see our SmartSitting Directors in action.

3. References

After an excellent interview, we ask a select number of applicants to coordinate calls with at least two references from childcare-related positions (ideally 3-4). If we don't think we'll be able to match you with a family, we'll keep your information on file should something perfect come up in the future.

4. Background Check

After completing an excellent interview and receiving stellar reference reports, we will ask that you provide information and $35 payment for a background check. This is the only cost of joining the network, and you may request a copy for your personal records. If you are not placed in a position and choose not to remain a part of the network, you may request a refund and it will be processed promptly.

5. Communication

Throughout the process, we assess your written and verbal communication. We ask that you respond to all emails and text messages as soon as possible to help build the trust and rapport that we need to refer you to families.


6. Placement Evaluation

SmartSitting is built upon understanding and trust between the SmartSitting team, our incredible nannies and babysitters, and the wonderful families in our network. A SmartSitting director will set up a time to speak with you 1-on-1 about your ideal nanny or babysitting job, and to discuss opportunities for you within the network.

You’ll also receive information on how to apply for nanny and babysitting jobs through our private job dashboard. SmartSitting directors are available around the clock to provide you with advice and assistance.