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Aria S.

Image: Booking Specialist, Aria S.

Originally growing up in Portland, OR, graduating from Beloit College with a degree in Theatre - Performance, and now living in New York City, I have gotten a taste for a number of regions across the country. I have also had the opportunity to work in a variety of fields over the last 15+ years, from being a field instructor for a science-camp in the Oregon wilderness, to a professional actor and teacher with regional children's theaters, even branching into software as a data analyst for a food-waste prevention company.

For as long as I can remember, I have always been drawn to childcare and engaging with children. Working as a babysitter and nanny for a number of different kids, from a few months to 13 years old, I love to witness, embrace and explore the child-like joy and wonder within myself and others, meeting kids at their level and figuring out how to best help them grow and develop. I am so excited to get a chance to work with you and create connections with families and sitters alike!

  • Image: Dara E. Executive Director for SmartSitting

    Dara E.

    Executive Director

  • Image: Suzie Z. Director of Operations for SmartSitting

    Suzie Z.

    Director of Operations

  • Image: Kirstyn V. Client Director for SmartSitting

    Kirstyn V.

    Director of Client Relations

  • Image: Kayleigh G. Billing Department for SmartSitting

    Kayleigh G.

    Billing Specialist / Social Media Coordinator

  • Image: Collin C., Family and Events Specialist

    Collin C.

    Corporate Care Specialist

  • Image: Fiona B., Family Specialist

    Fiona B.

    Family Specialist / Recruitment Coordinator

  • Image: Madeline N., Recruitment Coordinator

    Madeline N.

    Recruitment Coordinator

  • Image:Aria S., Booking Specialist

    Aria S.

    Booking Specialist

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