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Collin C.

Image: Collin C., Corporate Care Specialist

I’m originally from Pennsylvania, and I moved from Portland, OR, to New York in 2010. I have an undergraduate degree in film production from Temple University and a Master’s Degree in cinema studies from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.

For the past eight years, I’ve been a freelance filmmaker, artist, and educator. I’ve taught full-day pre-k and kindergarten in both public and private institutions all over Brooklyn. Likewise, I’ve also taught animation, documentary, and narrative film classes to K through 12. I enjoy working with children because I love being able to help kids reach moments of epiphany. I also believe in educational caregiving that promotes progressive social justice values while encouraging an inclusive atmosphere of diversity. Working collaboratively with others to ensure a positive foundation for my students has always been paramount to my work, and it is a very important component to what I do at SmartSitting. We are building for the future, and I’m very happy to be a part of that.

Beyond my professional life, I also have a strong passion for comic books. Not only have I taught numerous comic book art workshops for kids, I have sat on the jury for prestigious graphic novel awards and I currently run a website all about Batman comics. I also love to read, write, watch movies, swim, and go on hikes in the woods. I’m thrilled to be able to combine all of these passions at SmartSitting!

  • Image: Dara E. Executive Director for SmartSitting

    Dara E.

    Executive Director

  • Image: Suzie Z. Director of Operations for SmartSitting

    Suzie Z.

    Director of Operations

  • Image: Kirstyn V. Client Director for SmartSitting

    Kirstyn V.

    Director of Client Relations

  • Image: Kayleigh G. Billing Department for SmartSitting

    Kayleigh G.

    Billing Specialist / Social Media Coordinator

  • Image: Collin C., Family and Events Specialist

    Collin C.

    Corporate Care Specialist

  • Image: Fiona B., Family Specialist

    Fiona B.

    Family Specialist / Recruitment Coordinator

  • Image: Madeline N., Recruitment Coordinator

    Madeline N.

    Recruitment Coordinator

  • Image:Aria S., Booking Specialist

    Aria S.

    Booking Specialist

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