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Fiona B.

Image: Fiona B., Family Specialist / Recruitment Coordinator

I grew up in the suburbs of northern New Jersey. My younger sister Anna and I spent our childhood riding bikes, playing make-believe games in our backyard, getting our friends together for neighborhood baseball games, and visiting England, where our mother is from. Years later in 2013 I traveled to India where I spent three months with a group of students exploring different cities, learning about the cultures and religions of the country, and living with a local host family. The trip inspired me to major in Asian Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder. My studies allowed me to visit India again in 2017 where I spent the summer teaching English and math at a school for women and girls. After receiving my Bachelors Degree in August of 2018, I moved back to New Jersey from Colorado and have since worked for two families as a nanny and for a small travel startup in Brooklyn.

As well as being a nanny and teacher, I enjoy music and art, both of which I love to share with the children I care for. I often sing to them and encourage them to create and express themselves, whether that be by finger-painting, playing their favorite sport, and anything in between. My love for travel gave me the chance to teach classrooms of the most excited children. It also taught me patience, organization, and how to stay inspired.

  • Image: Dara E. Executive Director for SmartSitting

    Dara E.

    Executive Director

  • Image: Suzie Z. Director of Operations for SmartSitting

    Suzie Z.

    Director of Operations

  • Image: Kirstyn V. Client Director for SmartSitting

    Kirstyn V.

    Director of Client Relations

  • Image: Kayleigh G. Billing Department for SmartSitting

    Kayleigh G.

    Billing Specialist / Social Media Coordinator

  • Image: Collin C., Family and Events Specialist

    Collin C.

    Corporate Care Specialist

  • Image: Fiona B., Family Specialist

    Fiona B.

    Family Specialist / Recruitment Coordinator

  • Image: Madeline N., Recruitment Coordinator

    Madeline N.

    Recruitment Coordinator

  • Image:Aria S., Booking Specialist

    Aria S.

    Booking Specialist

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