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FULL-TIME: Prospect Heights, 52-71k/year, 50-55 hours/week, with a baby and boy, 5! kFTLR82117

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We have a new Prospect Heights family looking for a super smart, engaging, infant and school aged experienced SmartSitter to help with the weekly routine. They have a 5-month-old girl and a 5-year-old boy! The boy is starting Kindergarten this year and is adjusting to life with a new baby sister. Someone super communicative, outgoing, friendly, positive, and a team player is an ideal candidate. Someone with experience with the different developmental stages of both age groups who is willing to work with the parents is also ideal! They are looking for someone who can be a positive influence on the kids and share their own interests, too. It's $20-25/hour, 50-55 hours/week, $1000-1375/week gross. The position will begin 9/18, with interviews taking place starting Monday, 8/28.

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Someone with infant and early school age experience who can help both kids developmentally and keep the parents informed on all progress. Someone who can be intuitive to know when to make changes and communicate those to the parents and get their guidance. Someone who is comfortable working as a team with the parents. The SmartSitter should be caring, patient, reliable, organized, proactive, and projects an air of authority. Someone outgoing, friendly, and active. Someone direct who is comfortable communicating things to the parents. They should enjoy reading, music and being active outdoors. The ideal sitter is creative and takes initiative with play activities and around the house, has excellent communication skills, will help the family foster a positive relationship between our children, and is good at getting kids to eat a variety of healthy foods. Bringing your interests is a plus, too! Someone organic minded and healthy in her approach to life. The boy needs assistance with his frustration tolerance, so we need someone who is patient, calm, and compassionate. He is also going through the difficult transition of having a new baby sister and the sitter will work on this with him as well as the adjustment of starting Kindergarten. He does not respond to negative reactions or taking things away as a punishment, rather be compassionate and set limits in a positive way from the start to avoid his negative emotions. He responds well to fun and encouraging limits being set. Implementing some of his OT exercises as well in the daily routine. Someone who can help the boy and enrich his learning as he starts school. Comfort with mom working from home.


The core schedule will be Monday through Friday, 8 AM - 6:15 PM, with Wednesdays until 7 PM. Flexibility to come at 7:45 AM on occasion or stay later with advance notice. The schedule may shift slightly as they work out their own schedule.

About the Children

Boy, 5- He has a great sense of humor and loves to joke around. He can be very enthusiastic and gets excited about traveling or other new adventures. He can be very focused when something interests him, but needs someone who can keep him on track when something doesn't (eg., brushing his teeth). He has a great sense of humor and loves to joke around. He loves trains, building and music. He is starting Kindergarten. He goes to OT for fine motor and core muscle strength at school. Girl, 5 months- She is easy going and sweet. She is not demanding, but lights up when people focus on her and seems to crave that personal interaction. She seems to really enjoy music. Initially there was some difficulty with the bottle, but she takes it now.


The sitter will be responsible for caring for the baby throughout the day including managing naps and feedings (milk and solids), coordinating playdates, attending and participating in classes with baby, preparing and cleaning bottles (breast milk and formula), and cooking pureed solids for the baby and healthy meals for the 5-year-old. The position will also include after school pick up for the 5-year-old and taking him to his after school activities, supervising homework, feeding dinner, and bath time. Talking and engaging the children throughout the day is essential! Fully engaging the kids and having fun with them while encouraging the siblings to become closer as they grow together. Going to the boys OT therapy once/week.

Additional Information

The position will begin 9/18, with interviews taking place starting Monday, 8/28.

  • Rate

    $20-25/hour ($1000-1375/week) gross


    1 year+

    Total Hours per Week

    50-55 hours/week

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