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AFTER SCHOOL: $20-25/hr West Village two fabulous girls, 7&10! (dASSC82117)

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We've worked with this family for years and they are WONDERFUL. They are super thoughtful, kind, generous, and respectful employers, and lovely people! They are looking for after school help, Monday through Friday, 3 PM - 6:30/7 PM with a few evenings per week typically until around 9:30 PM. The family can guarantee 25 hours/week at $20-25/hour and a typical week will be 25-30 hours. Additional flexibility is appreciated. The girls are super sweet, smart, and loving. This is a fabulous opportunity and interviews are next week!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

It's important that the adult is in charge, and kids aren't running things. Basic manners and politeness and respect -especially to adults- is important to the family. No means no, and the parents try to raise the kids with love and boundaries, and help them resolve conflicts with kindness. If you have a background in education, art, or art history, this is a plus!


Monday through Friday, 3 PM - 6:30/7 PM, with a few date nights per week typically until around 9:30 PM Saturday/Sunday: Occasional weekend evenings Flexibility is a plus! The typical week is 25-30 hours/week.

About the Children

girl, age 10 - 10 going on 19. She's going into 5th grade. She is sensitive, loving, creative and loves music. She loves dogs and animals. She loves pop music (top 40) and she loves creating shows and dancing. She's super into gymnastics. She's really creative. She's doing a comic book making class. She likes musicals. She struggles in math a little bit. girl, age 7 - She is funny and loves games and drawing. She's super academic. She likes reading books. She likes math. She's always asking for more books. She makes friends easily. She's into making paper dolls and arts and crafts. She's learning how to sew. The parents don't allow youtube or tv during the week and the kids are generally off electronic devices. Both girls take tennis lessons.


The day starts with school pick up at either 3 or 4 PM depending on the day of the week and ending around 6:30/7pm, unless the family needs help in the evening. The family usually needs help around three evenings per week, and an occasional weekend evening. Responsibilities include school pick up, park, homework, after school schlepping (some after school activities are at school), light dinner prep, and healthy snacks.

Additional Information

Interviews are Tuesday, 8/29, 11 AM - 3 PM, and Wednesday, 8/30, 8 AM - 6 PM.

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    $20-25/hour + monthly metrocard


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