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FULL-TIME: UWS $58k-70k! boys, 4 & 1 1/2! #yestomannies (dFTCC83117)

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This lovely Upper West Side family is looking to hire a warm and organized SmartSitter to work with their two boys, ages 1 1/2 and 4. The hours are generally Monday through Thursday, 7:30 AM - 7 PM and Friday, 7:30 AM - 6 PM. The family would love to work with someone who is looking to work with them for a long-term, ideally multi-year commitment. The rate is flexible, $20-25/hour gross, or $1130-$1412.50/week gross. Please apply today if you're interested! #yestomannies

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

From the parents, "We are looking for someone who is extremely dependable, trustworthy, and warm. Excellent organizational skills and exceptional judgment are a requirement. One son has asthma and the other may have allergies so we need someone who is careful and makes safety a top priority. Candidates must have several years of experience working with multiple children. Energy, enthusiasm and stamina are also a necessary as our boys are very active and enthusiastic. Nanny must be proactive about setting up playdates and taking children out to the playground, museums, etc. Someone who is able to offer boundaries especially with the 4-year-old is really helpful." #yestomannies The SmartSitter must be up-to-date on vaccines and willing to continue vaccinations. A second language is preferred but not necessary. A background in early childhood education is also preferred. It would also be helpful if the SmartSitter is willing to travel (would be infrequent).


Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM - 7 PM (6 PM end time on Friday) An occasional date night is also a plus and/or flexibility to occasionally stay a little later if needed.

About the Children

boy, age 4 - He is an enthusiastic and energetic little boy who loves anything with wheels. He enjoys going to the playground, having play dates, and loves to have books read to him. He is in school every morning. He has asthma but it is generally quite well managed. His favorite word is "why." He loves playing with fire trucks and cars and his favorite color is pink. He's not always safety conscious naturally. boy, age 1 1/2 - He is an enthusiastic and generally happy baby. He has some food intolerances and the parents are in the process of determining whether he has any food allergies. He likes to move around a lot and he has a lot of energy! The big brother loves his little brother so much, and sometimes he can accidentally get a little rough. It's important to stay mindful about this.


A typical day includes assisting with getting the older child ready for school in the morning and feeding both children. The younger child typically goes down for a nap around 9-9:30. During this time, the SmartSitter may take care of household tasks and make food for the boys. When he wakes up, the s/he will play with him, feed him, take him out etc. The older boy finishes school at noon and will be picked up by either the nanny or the mother. The older boy has quiet time in the early afternoon while the younger one takes a nap. He currently also has occupational therapy appointments 2x a week that either the mother or SmartSitter brings him to. Ideally in the afternoon, both boys will go on a playdate or out to the playground, museum, etc. Friends may also come over. From time to time, the mother will be with one of the boys in the afternoon. The younger boy still sometimes takes a late afternoon snooze. The SmartSitter will help prepare dinner for the boys and do bathtime for at least one of them. Bedtime will typically be done in coordination with the mother. Besides childcare, the family would like assistance with light daily household tasks (such as running & unloading dishwasher with family’s dishes, putting away grocery orders), children's laundry, children's meals and general tidying up. They also will rely on the person to inform them when they are running low on supplies as well (diapers, wipes, etc).

Additional Information

The family will provide 2 weeks vacation, holidays, and 3 personal days. (They may take additional vacation time in which case you would be off with pay.) They ask that one of the weeks of vacation be used in conjunction with the family's vacation. They will also offer a metro card!

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    $20-25/hour (gross)


    long-term, a few years ideally!

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