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PART-TIME: Brooklyn Heights, $480/week, M-R, with 2 kids, 4 and 8! kPTVB9517

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We have a great part-time position in Brooklyn Heights with two kids, 4 and 8! They are looking for help Monday to Thursday, from 1 to 7 PM. They are looking for someone bright, engaged, articulate, and a proactive thinker who can plan ahead for what the week will bring. It's $20/hour, 24 hours/week, $480/week. The position will begin in October and interviews within the next week.

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

They are looking for someone bright, engaged, articulate, and a proactive thinker who can plan ahead for what the week will bring. Someone who will keep the kids engaged, who seeks out fun activities with them/for them, can cultivate relationships with the other babysitters to make playdates and co-plan activities. The kids fully take advantage of the city and all it offers and we'd like someone who embraces that as well. And of course someone the family can trust completely - to look out for the kids of course, but also the home, and help everyone stay on top of all the details of their lives. Their scheduling is complex, so they need someone detail oriented and be on top of the little things with the kids at home and their schedule. Someone who can be fun, yet firm when needed and keep boundaries. Italian speaking is a plus! Expereince with allergies is a plus!


Monday to Thursday, from 12:30/1 to 7 PM. Flexibility to help with full days from 9-7 PM, if the kids are out of school.

About the Children

boy, 8- He is a bright and social guy; about to start 2nd grade he's fully embraced reading - graphic novels, chapter books, non fiction - and then creating his own comic books. He is reading a lot about WWI and WWII! He is very passionate about his interests. Games, puzzles, and strategy video games are also up his alley. He's has a lots of friends and takes part in a bunch of after school activities with them. But he also loves being at home and just playing with his toys, with his little sister, and eating mom's baked goods. He is allergic to eggs and most nuts; he carries Benedryl (for mild reactions) and an EPI pen (for anaphylactic shock) in his backpack at all times. girl, 4- She is full of personality, a bit shy at first meeting new people but then super chatty once she feels comfortable. She loves to do gymnastics in her new shiny wonder woman leotard, play with Playdoh, play kitchen, gymnastics, color, and wrestle with her big brother. She's got a core group of friends and loves hanging with them at the Painted Pot, local playgrounds, or our house. She loves imaginary play and very drawn to Wonder Woman rather than princesses. And she is mom's right hand in the kitchen! She is fiercely independent, determined, and highly articulate, Stella is a girl who knows her own mind. They get along great and even have shared friends! They are so loving.


Come early help with the kid's laundry, breakfast clean up, meal prep, etc. Pick the girl up at 2:30 PM, and the bus drops the boy off a block from the house at 3:30 PM, or pick up is in Park Slope if he has an activity. Helping with meal and snack prep; cleaning up after their meals, washing placemats, cutlery, bowls, etc. Keeping their room and play area in the living room neat; encouraging them to do clean up but helping where needed [note: we do have a cleaner who comes weekly who also tidies up after them]. As the boy has serious food allergies (nuts and eggs), the SmartSitter must be diligent about checking ingredients, checking before a friend’s snacks are eaten, knowing how to administer Children’s Benedryl and/or the EPI pen if needed, should he have a reaction. His medicine pack of Benedryl and EPI pen, along with his medical history, are kept in his backpack at all times. The sitter will ensure those are with him during outings and playdates. The sitter will be consistent with our model of discipline for the kids – a 1-2-3 warning system that was adopted from the boy's pre-school teacher several years ago. And of course, attention to manners, good hygiene habits, etc

Additional Information

The position will begin in October and interviews within the next week.

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    $20/hour ($480/week)


    2-3 months, potentially longer

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