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Open Opportunities for
Child Enthusiasts!

SmartSitting is looking for dedicated and experienced caregivers for childcare opportunities, as well as to assist with in-home educational activities for children whose schools and daycares have been closed. All positions in the SmartSitting network are a minimum of 20 hours per week, at $15-25/hour depending on experience and responsibilities. A weekly schedule of at least 20 hours helps to minimize exposure to and spread of COVID-19 by ensuring a sitter’s commitment to a single family.


Commitment to a position is dependent on each family's needs. Some families may require assistance for a single week or month, while others may be looking for long-term childcare.


SmartSitting assists families with children of all ages, from newborns and infants to school-aged children and teenagers. Some children with special needs or behavioral issues may require some extra care, attention, and love! We do our best to place families with a sitter who is the best match for them and their children.


A SmartSitter’s responsibilities will vary depending on the age of children they are working with. Typical infant care such as changing diapers, bottle feeding, prepping solid foods, putting down for naptime, and helping to develop age-appropriate skills may be required of a sitter caring for a newborn or infant. With older children, a sitter may fill their days by creating fun and stimulating arts and crafts projects, playing board games, riding a bike or scooter outside at a safe distance from others, prepping breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or assisting with light household tasks as they pertain to the children. If the position includes an educational component, the sitter may be asked to develop daily educational lessons or activities for the children, or assist with schoolwork.

The Ideal SmartSitter…

...has a can-do attitude, takes initiative, and has a passion for working with children! Our sitters are eager and excited to spend their time with children and are always thinking of new and exciting ways to keep their kids engaged. They are able to immediately jump in and help with whatever is needed to assist their family. Our sitters communicate openly and efficiently with both their families and the SmartSitting team. SmartSitters are adaptable when it comes to shifts in responsibilities or routine, and we believe this characteristic is especially important in these current times! SmartSitters are required to be CPR certified and able to be paid on the books for all positions. If you are not CPR certified, SmartSitting can provide information to become certified online.

SmartSitter Safety

In order to ensure the health and safety of the SmartSitting network, we ask that families and sitters adhere to the following precautionary measures:

  • Families are asked to reimburse sitters for cab fares to and from their home in order to avoid public transportation and public spaces.
  • Sitters should bring a change of clothes and a plastic bag to each booking and change into their fresh clothes upon arrival at a families home.
  • Sitters must immediately wash their hands upon arrival at a families home before interacting with the family.
  • Both families and sitters should follow safe social distancing practices.
  • If a sitter begins to develop any symptoms of illness, they must inform the family they are working with immediately, as well as any families they have worked with in the past 14 days.
  • Sitters and families should openly discuss any safety or health concerns with one another.
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