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SHORT-TERM/PART-TIME/AFTER SCHOOL: 3-5 days/week, UWS, $360-625/week, with 2 girls, 6 & 9! kSTES92817

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We have a really great SHORT-TERM AFTER SCHOOL position in the UWS with 2 girls, 6 and 9. The family is looking for afternoon help for 3-5 FLEXIBLE days/week, from 1:30-6:30, plus one earlier day and one later night. Their girls are very sweet and fun, and go to two different school. They are looking for someone warm, kind, and experience with special needs as their youngest has some social and emotional challenges. Someone who is open with communication and can have fun with the girls while their FT nanny is away is ideal! It's $20-25/hour, roughly 18-25 hours/week, $360-625/week! The position would begin 10/23, with interviews beginning as soon as Wednesday, 10/4.

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

They are looking for a warm, caring, sensitive and kind person who has experience dealing with children with social/emotional special needs and who also has worked with two children. Someone understanding and loving who can help the girls adjust to the time when their nanny is away. A centered and grounded personality to help keep the girls calm and happy. Someone pretty high energy and their after school activities require a bit of "shlepping" and running around. Someone who is OK with maintaining open lines of communication and doesn't mind receiving occasional "check in" texts during the day to see how the girls are doing. A background in special needs is a huge advantage!


3-5 days/week, from 1:30-6:30 PM with an occasional late night (until 8:30 pm) once or perhaps twice/week. Once a week we would also ask to have the person start a bit earlier so that the laundry can be done and other neighborhood/local errands (i.e. Trader Joe's, Bed Bath and Beyond). Ideally, they would have a candidate working 5 days/week while their nanny is out on medical leave. They can be flexible with the number of days/week the candidate worked.

About the Children

girl, 6- She is very creative (she loves art, drawing, coloring, Perler Beads... you name it!) and she also love to build (Magna Tiles, magnet holes, etc.) and also loves animals. Like her sister, she is very spunky and energetic and loves to laugh and be silly, but she is quite shy when meeting new people and has a hard time "opening up" sometimes. She attends a special needs school for kids with social and emotional disabilities. She has no cognitive deficiencies whatsoever (she's really really smart!) but she does have pragmatic language issues and those issues sometimes translate into having difficulties making friends and engaging in "chit chat". She receives speech/language therapy outside of the school environment which has been helping her with communication skills and expressing herself. girl, 9- She is more outgoing and easy to get to know. She is friendly and personable and also loves art. She also loves to read, cook and bake - her favorite TV show is "Cake Boss"! She is very fun and energetic and loves to sing and dance too! She has a wonderful imagination -- putting on "shows" for us with her sister. She loves her school. She does have trouble sitting still sometimes ("ants in her pants").


The sitter would pick up the girls from school (one at 2:30 PM, and one at 3:15 PM, at school 8 blocks away from each other) and take them to after school activities - most of which are in the UWS neighborhood (one appointment is on the Upper East side but easily accessible by public transportation). The sitter would use the hour before pickup to help with meal prep for the girls' dinner that evening as well as for the following day (the youngest takes her lunch to school daily). The sitter would assist with homework - ensuring that it's done rather than doing it for them - and also supervising the girls' nighttime showers. They would be in charge of the girls' laundry be done 1x/week (laundry is in the basement of our building) which includes changing their sheets and towels. Perhaps once or twice a week the sitter would start a bit earlier to do laundry, local errands, etc. and also, perhaps once or twice a week, we may ask the person to stay until 8 or 8:30 PM. This is all somewhat flexible.

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The position would begin 10/23, with interviews beginning as soon as Wednesday, 10/4.

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