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AFTER SCHOOL BABYSITTER: 15-20 hours/week, Park Slope boy, age 5! (cPTMT103118)

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This lovely Park Slope family is looking to hire a SmartSitter Monday through Friday afternoons to work with their very smart 5-year-old boy. They can offer 15-20 hour/week guaranteed depending on what you're looking for ideally. $20-25/hour

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

The ideal person has a higher general level of energy so s/he can bring out the little boy who is naturally shy in the beginning. It's helpful if you are active and willing to engage the little boy and be silly and creative with him. It's helpful for you to be creative and figure out what is a good lure to help the little boy when he needs to shift focus. For example you can make up a game and make up rules for it. It's good for someone to have a toolbox of different tools to try. If you have special needs experience this is a plus, however not a requirement. It's helpful if you have a sense of social and emotional issues. If you can help him build his confidence and provide reassurance and comfort, this would be greatly helpful and appreciated.


The core position is Monday through Friday, 2:45/3 PM until 6 PM. This is 15-20 hours per week. If you'd like to assist with errands and additional responsibilities, the position could start earlier (2PM) and the family can offer up to 20 hours/week.

About the Children

Elliott, boy, age 5 - It's new school for him, He has mild autism and some anxiety. He's in a regular school. He will come across as shy and slow to warm with new people. Babysitters often don't see this, however he can be stubborn. He has amazing focus. He loves drawing. When he's focused on it, it can be difficult for him to shift focus. He's a big rule follower and he's very cooperative. He loves transit. He loves to discuss the subways and bridges and how to get places. He probably knows how to get places. He's really into map making. He loves drawing maps and roads. He was really into the planets and dwarf planets and the solar system for a long time. He also reads. He loves to learn and he's really curious. His weaknesses are that he's not always confident outside the home. He loves to build magnitiles, train tiles. He loves to run. YMCA Armory in Park Slope and there's a track.


The regular after school routine includes school pick up, arranging playdates once per week for an hour and a half, bringing the little boy to after school activities once or twice per week, and engaging him in other fun activities at home or out. For example, he loves to run and the family has a membership at the local Y where there is a track. If you are looking to assist the family for additional hours, there would be an array of tasks involved. This would include tidying up the living room and the kitchen, loading/emptying the dishwasher, grocery shopping in the neighborhood, dropping off packages, and preparing meals ahead of time for the little boy (steam a fresh vegetable, chopping/steaming broccoli, etc.).

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