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AFTER SCHOOL SITTER: UES/Village, $25/hr, boy, age 6! #yestomannies (dPTJS92618)

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This lovely Greenwich Village family has a sweet and energetic almost-6-year-old boy and they're looking to work with a SmartSitter on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, 3:30 PM - 7 PM + one evening per week until 9 PM. $25/hour, $400/wk + monthly metrocard #yestomannies Yay? Yes? If so, please apply today!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

The family is looking for someone who genuinely enjoys being around an energetic boy. It would be great if you would like to play basketball or having a catch or doing breakdancing if the mood strikes and generally get excited about the activities that he likes. The family is looking for someone who is fun, energetic, respectful, honest, trustworthy, professional, smart, and who has a silly side. It's important that you ask parents if you don't know how to handle a specific situation or if you have a question about something. It's good if you're easygoing and firm and good about providing some structure to the little boy's afternoon. For example, "We'll have this snack for 20 minutes. Then we'll take the subway. At home, there's a choice: go to the park or play with your cars." #yestomannies


Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, 3:30 PM - 7 PM + one evening per week until 9 PM (date night) Flexibility on a Thursday is a plus but not a requirement.

About the Children

boy, he'll be 6 in December - He's a really outgoing little boy. He just started kindergarten at an all boys school. He's high energy. He loves to move. He loves to play outside especially. He has his quieter moments too. He likes to play inside with his cars and trains. He likes to build, draw, and color, and he likes to be read to. He likes cooking. He likes to make slime. He likes having more attention. He likes being away from his two younger sisters. He doesn't have any allergies. He's pretty vocal. He went to full day camp over the summer. He can be silly. He's into coloring and drawing. girl, almost 3 - She's easygoing. She likes to sing, dance, she loves ballerinas. She likes Daniel Tiger. She likes to sit and draw and color. She likes to climb and play outside and run around. She's very nurturing and take care of baby dolls. girl, almost 1 - She's a baby. She sits there and hangs out. She likes to be read to. Full-Time Nanny: She's easygoing and knows when to gently discipline. She follows mom's lead on discipline. She does the kids' laundry, tidies up, errands, she's great with the kids and she's loving. She's primarily with the girls. She'll go to the park, walk around, take the kids to various classes, and will draw or read to the girls. She'll play superheroes or cars with the almost 6-year-old boy. She's respectful. She works full-time, 7:45 AM - 6:30 PM.


School pick up for the almost 6-year-old on the UES. Take the 6 train home. (He stays for after school at school.) Sometimes he'll have a playdate. or go to the park. Have quality play time with the little guy. Prepare a snack for him or go get a snack together before coming home. Help him get acclimated to the routine. Play. There's a full time nanny who will make dinner. Sit with him during dinner. Help with clean up. He'll take a shower after dinner. Maybe with the 3-year-old during this time. Help to tidy up bathrooms after bath/shower time.

Additional Information

Mom works from home a couple days/week. The position starts asap or within 2-3 weeks at most.

  • Rate

    $25/hour, $400 + metrocard


    through December 2018 or longer!

    Total Hours per Week

    16 hours/week

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