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AFTER SCHOOL NANNY: $625-900/week! $25-30/hr boy, 12, girl/boy twins, age 6! (dASDB92819)

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This lovely and busy UWS family is looking to work with a SmartSitter Monday through Friday, 3PM to 8/8:30PM (with possible late nights and occasional overnights with advanced notice). They have a wonderful 12-year-old boy and 6-year-old boy and girl twins. Yay? Yes? If so, please apply today!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

The family is looking for someone who is kind, loving, and fun. They are also looking for someone who can lend the mother a helping hand. Mom is home most of the time, but she is looking for someone to take charge and run the home. The ideal sitter can help with lessons and direct with homework. This is very important: The person is proactive and can anticipate the needs of the family without always being told what to do. Someone who is creative and inventive who can adapt to the family's schedule and fits well into the family dynamic is ideal. This is a job for someone who is looking to be more than a sitter and really develop relationships with the family members and be a part of the family.


Monday through Friday, 3 PM - 8/8:30 PM + sometimes stay a little later + flexible to stay overnight occasionally with advanced noticed. The position is 25 to 30 hours/week.

About the Children

Boy, age 12 - He's very engaging. He's sensitive and kind and also has a strong sense of who he is. He has a lot of determination and likes 1 on 1 attention. He's very smart but likes help with his homework. He's a good older brother to his younger siblings. His interests include tennis, art, guitar, violin, music, singing, acting, drawing, lots of reading, skiing, going to the movies. He is also involved in running clubs, guitar lessons and the Model UN. Girl, age 6 - She is very loving and wants more female companionship. She does ballet, gymnastics, yoga class mom put together at home. She is a gentle, free spirit. Boy, age 6 - He's hysterically funny. He's a sweet lovely boy and needs a little extra attention to keep him busy and on task. He loves to read and play with legos. He loves his older brother very much and is very close to his sister. He is the inquisitive one and loves to be engaged and challenged. He does gymnastics, drawing, and yoga class. There are no electronics in the home, no iPads, no game playing, and an occasional, kind movie on the weekends.


The position is splitting up afternoon responsibilities with mum and sometimes taking full charge. There will be after school pick up, taking children to after school activities, and coming home. Then you'll be overseeing homework and helping with dinner prep for the family. Meal preparation is for the whole family, mostly vegetarian. (For example Vegetarian rice with broccoli and peas, pasta with pesto and a salad, vegetarian tacos, sushi rolls, chicken noodle soup). The kids will be in the kitchen reading at the counter while you prep meals. Be very engaging with the children. Maintain a standard of kindness with the children. They are not allowed to be mean or rude.

Additional Information

The family is looking for someone to start ASAP.

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    $25-30/hour, $625-900/week + monthly metrocard


    1 year +, long-term is ideal

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