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FULL TIME NANNY: $58k-70k, Westchester M-F 6am-3pm, boys, 6&2, girl, 4! #yestomannies (dFTNR10318)

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This lovely and busy Irvington, NY, family has three kids, a 6-year-old boy, 4-year-old girl, and 2-year-old boy. The family is look to work with a SmartSitting Monday through Friday, 6 AM - 3 PM, $25-30/hour (gross), $60-70k. Yay? Yes? If so, please apply today!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

The family is looking for someone who is really organized and likes putting things back things in their place. Tidy up the kids' rooms and it's important that you don't mind helping with laundry. Aside from the breakfast/morning piece, you're with the 2 1/2 year old during the day. The family is looking for someone who is really fun (this will help the kids listen to you in the early morning). They are looking for someone who is energetic and creative. It's important that you know how to swim (the family has a pool). It's important that you are comfortable driving with the kids. The family will provide a car. It's important that you love animals and dogs specifically. The family is looking for someone who will be ready to hit the ground running, who is confident. a self starter, motivated, naturally organized, and will work independently on the organizational projects. Mom won't oversee or micromanage, so it's important that you have the drive to know if you're not doing laundry say on Tuesdays and Thursdays, that you proactively know it's a good day to go through the kids' clothes. #yestomannies


Monday through Friday, 6 AM - 3 PM

About the Children

boy, age 6 - He's in school 7:40 AM -2:45 PM. He's a real gamer kid. He loves card games and board games. The family doesn't let him play video games. He plays baseball and soccer. He can be a couch potato. He'll be the hardest to warm up. You have to win him over in the morning. girl, age 4 - She's in school 9 AM - 2 PM school. She loves dressing herself, hair, makeup, and nails. She loves being outside. She likes helping in the kitchen with cooking. She's practicing letters and writing her name a lot these days! boy, age 2 1/2 - On Tuesdays and Thursdays, there's a mommy and me class. On Wednesdays, there's a garden class. On Monday, there's a music class. He's at the age where he can be delicious cute and cuddly or throw a temper tantrum. He loves to run in the yard. He likes building with blocks. The kids love playing together and laugh hysterically and then sometimes someone will play too rough and often the 4-year-old ends up crying in this case. They play well outside together. The position is mostly with the 2 1/2-year-old and rarely if ever with all three kids. The family has an au pair who lives with them and helps with afternoons and weekends. They work with a local teenager who helps two afternoons/week. The au pair is home and integrated into the family and often will be around and talking to the kids even if she's not actively working.


Arrive at 6 AM. Walk in and start making breakfast (ex: cereal, pancakes, or yogurt with granola). By 6:30 AM, get the oldest son, age 6, from his room. Give him breakfast and get him dressed, teeth brushed, and hair brushed so he's ready at 7:20 AM to leave for school. The other two kids will come down. Give them breakfast and get them ready as well. Mom will take the eldest to school. Pack the 4-year-old's lunch in the morning. Mom will come back and take the 4-year-old to school at 8:15 AM. The rest of the day, you'll be with the 2 1/2 year old boy. Household responsibilities: children's laundry, children's bed linens (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), tidying up children's rooms, playroom, and children's books and toys. There's a housekeeper who comes Tuesdays and Thursdays and helps with laundry on those days. There is a lot of organizing in general and there are consistent projects (children's toys, updating clothes that fit, etc.). Prepare lunch for the 2 1/2-year-old every day. Bring the little one and go grocery shopping. The family has a dog and may be getting another dog (one of those super large breeds). Let the dog(s) out.

Additional Information

The family is looking for someone to start as soon as possible.

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    $25-30/hour (gross), $1125-$1350/week, $58,500-$70,200/year


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