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FULL TIME NANNY (FLEX PART TIME): Westchester girls, 12&9, boy, 11! (dFTAM101118)

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This lovely Westchester family is looking to work with a SmartSitter Monday through Thursday, 1/2 PM - 6/7 PM, and you could work Fridays (flex) or up to 40 hours/week regularly if you are looking for full-time. The after school position is with the kids and the afternoon routing and the full-time position includes household management tasks. $25/hour, $600-1000/week (flex) Yay? Yes? If so, please apply today! ***In your application, please include if you prefer part-time or full-time.***

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Strong executive functioning skills are key. It's important to keep track of details (make sure the lunches are correct, that every detail for each kid is prepared for the next day, etc.) There's a lot going on and it's important to keep up. It's important to understand and be aware that the kid are all very different and there's no one formula that works for all of them. Driving is a requirement. The family has an extra car available. It's okay if you prefer to drive your car in which case the parents will reimburse you for gas. It's important you really love working with kids. The kids are young enough and they still like to be engaged in games, cooking, and art projects. Mom will write out the full schedule at first. It's helpful for you to read the schedule closely, get the hand of things, know what to do after a couple weeks, and then own it moving forward.


The core schedule is Monday through Thursday, 1/2 PM until 7/8 PM. Friday is optional. The family is comfortable guaranteeing an income up to 40 hours/week for additional household management responsibilities if you are looking for full-time. ***In your application, please include if you prefer part-time or full-time.***

About the Children

girl, age 12 - She's in 7th grade. She loves ice skating 3-4 days/week. she plays lacrosse. she's a pretty serious student. She's responsible. She's tween-y at the moment. She's left brained and creative. She's an introvert. She likes to be alone more. She has red hair. boy, age 11 - He's easygoing, bright, has a black belt in Taekwondo (practices twice/week), plays baseball, loves Fortnight, manages his screen, he breezes through his homework. is very sweet and empathetic, and plays guitar. He has black hair. He's right in the middle re: introverted/extroverted. girl, age 9 - She's adorable, funny, cute, and loves attention. She and her 11-year-old brother are very close. She does team ice skating. plays piano, and cello. She has brown hair. She's an extrovert. They're funny, healthy, and good kids. They're busy. The family tries to have a clear routine. They love art stuff. They have lots of friends.


You'll almost never be with all three kids. The family has a housekeeper and she also handles laundry and cooking for the whole family and driving as well. Household management responsibilities include and are not limited to: returning something at the store, getting the car checked, house repairs, overseeing children's schedules and extra curriculars, an assistant within the household. Additional responsibilities include driving the kids, playing boardgames, bringing them to religion school or art class, help with homework, they'll have some downtime after school, they'll play, watch tv, play a video game, or have a playdate.

Additional Information

Some days mom is there depending on her work schedule.

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    $25/hour, $600-$1000/week


    1 year +, long-term is ideal

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