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PART TIME SPECIAL NEEDS: $25-35/hr, boys, 12&14! Queens #yestomannies (dPTCH101618)

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This lovely family is looking to work with a SmartSitter on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, 1:30 PM - 6 PM, and Fridays if you're interested as well, 1:30 PM - 6 PM. They have two boys, age 12 and 14. $25-35/hr Please apply today if you're interested! ***In your application, please include if you prefer to work Wednesdays and Thursdays only or Fridays as well.***

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

The family is looking for someone who is reliable, patient, and ideally someone who has experience working with children with special needs. The kids aren't aggressive, however it's helpful to have a sense of different types of communication. Someone who is willing to sit with the 14-year-old and give him the one on one time and do exercises with him is much appreciated. He'll be there helping the SmartSitter cook and giving him attention. #yestomannies


Wednesdays, 1:30 PM - 6 PM Thursdays, 1:30 PM - 6 PM Optional if you would like a third day: Fridays, 1:30 PM - 6 PM

About the Children

boys, ages 14 and 12 - Both are on the spectrum. They have both have special needs. They don't interact with each other that much. Sometimes the 14-year-old can be loud (an excited yell) and it's too loud for the 12-year-old, as he is sensitive to loud sounds. boy, age 14 - He is non-verbal. He has some single words. He can't carry out a conversation. He takes a bath around 4 PM (independently). Routine is very important to him. He's a very, very sweet kid. He can get agitated with a change in routine. He may jump around, engage in repetitive behaviors, or press a button over and over. Once he is used to a routine, he is golden. He enjoys sitting down. He has a notebook. He has Kumon workbooks. He enjoys spelling words and math problems. He'll work on that for an hour or an hour and a half. He has strong written communication skills. He can write in sentences. He doesn't use it for communication. He will be able to spell a word if you can't understand when he says it. Sometimes he'll hit himself (not too often) - you can tell him to stop and he usually will. This happens out of frustration and it's usually his hand on his head. He loves his Nintendo. He enjoys Starfall, an educational website on the computer. On weekends he watches some shows on music and dancing on Nick Jr.. He likes running and dancing. On the weekdays he enjoys the routine. boy, age 12 - He's high functioning on the spectrum. His issues are more sensory. He talks a lot. We call him the Mayor. He's obsessed with rain and thunderstorms and whether there will be thunder and lightening. It's more sensory. He's not good with loud noises. If it was him on his own, he's mature enough to be by himself. He does need constant reminders to do homework and not be on the iPad or on YouTube. He's electronics obsessed. He must finish his homework first. Then he'll have a bath and then dinner. Then screen time is okay. He loves video games, computers, and his iPad. He likes superhero movies. He likes international flags and he can name all sorts of different flags from different countries.


They both go to school and the bus will drop them in front of the home at 2:45 PM and 3:30 PM respectively. Wait for them curbside and then go upstairs together. Take off the backpacks and take off sneakers. Have a small snack. They'll start with homework right away. The eldest doesn't bring home homework. He does homework-style activities. Homework goes until around 4:30 PM. They'll each have a bath (flexible, as long as the SmartSitter feels comfortable). Prepare a light meal. Dinner at 4:30/5 PM. Dinner is often roast chicken (Purdue pre-made in the oven), veggies, french fries on the side. It might also be chicken cutlets, meatballs, or hamburgers. Help with dinner clean up (the kids will help). Dad is home around 6 PM. Mom is home around 6:30/7 PM. Mom had a knee injury recently and has been working at home on Thursdays.

Additional Information

The start date is in the beginning of November. The family is on the top floor of a 3rd floor walk up. ***In your application, please include if you prefer to work Wednesdays and Thursdays only or Fridays as well.***

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