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Part Time Babysitter: Fort Greene $25/hour for 18 hours/week, with girl, 8, boys, 2&5 #yestomannies kASABD101718

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This creative Fort Greene family is looking to hire a new SmartSitter to work alongside their FT nanny. This position is Monday-Thursday, from 3-6:30 PM; and Friday, from 2-6 PM. The family has an 8-year-old girl, 5-year-old boy, and 2-year-old boy. You'll never be with all three kids at the same time. The family is looking to work with someone fun and creative with a can-do attitude. #yestomannies Yay? Yes? If so, please apply today!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

From mom and dad, "You must be honest, flexible, physically strong, energetic, kindhearted, tidy, clean, a great multi-tasker, who is not afraid to get dirty, work hard, and have fun. You must be someone who can go with the flow of our hectic lives be willing to change it up in regards to which kid or kids you are watching and help us and our kids keep our house clean and organized. We love to cook and try to include the kids whenever possible - we would love a nanny who also likes to cook or at least isn’t afraid of cooking. We are looking for someone who wants to create fun activities for our children and also can be in control of them if they start misbehaving. We want someone who will take our lead in terms of what language we use with our children to create a consistent environment regarding what they can and cannot do. We do not use screen time or TV a lot - so activities are very important. If you are live in and come to our summer home or on vacation you also must be able to and love to swim and bike ride and not be afraid of sledding on a cold winter day or literally getting muddy! We want an independent self starter, who is creative, and mature. No smokers. We are allergic to perfume, so please do not wear perfume on days when we work together. #yestomannies


The core schedule is Monday-Thursday, from 3-6:30 PM; and Friday, from 2-6 PM. Flexibility to stay later or come earlier is a plus!

About the Children

girl, age 8 - She is independent. She's a great swimmer. She loves school, reading, art, music, science, math, and gymnastics. She is very dependable and loves looking after and playing with her little brothers. She is bossy and a teenager in the making. She loves diving into an art project any time of the day or night. boy, age 5 - He is super active, loves digging in dirt, swimming, and playing with trains. He is a magical soul - he is kind and loving and also struggles with behavioral issues. He sometimes uses his hands or has tantrums when he is frustrated. He is fearless and exuberant. He also needs lots of physical activity and help winding down. He is in love and obsessed with his siblings and the family as a whole. He loves one on one time and has a hard time in larger groups and with transitions in general. He sometimes needs to be held or physically removed from situations so he can calm down. He takes a great deal of patience and sometimes physical strength. He truly is a love and just needs help making good and kind decisions. He loves fairies, being read to, puzzles, building blocks and one on one time. You must love telling and reading stories and be super creative to hang and bond with this kid. Talk about fairies, see creatures or anything magical and sparkly and you can have so much fun with this kid! He both needs clear boundaries and a very loving person. He has anxiety and occasionally will say mean things or be aggressive if he is afraid. He is currently in occupational therapy and doing play therapy both of which he enjoys immensely. boy, age 2 - He is extremely chatty and is a parrot mimicking everything everyone says. He is fast and fearless like his brother - you've got to be quick and creative with the boys. He loves dancing and music. He is also trying out whining and tantrums – but usually smiles when he is doing it so just to see your reaction. He’s a very lovable kid. Super delicious.


The afternoon position is most likely specially with the older kids. You'll pick them up from school and take them to an appointment and bring them home. If you to stay later, you'll spend some time with the other kids too, and the family may need help with dinner preparation and clean up. There is flexibility here depending on what works best between the two sitters, too.

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