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PART TIME BABYSITTER: $500-600/week for 20 hours/week with a metrocard, in Midtown East, with twin girls, age 11! KASRP112718

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Are you detail oriented and super fun?! Do you have experience with pre-teen girls and are comfortable in the kitchen prepping meals for families?? This lovely midtown east family is looking to work with a SmartSitter afterschool for the Spring. The family has identical twin 11-year-old girls and they are both competitive swimmers! The family is looking to work with someone Monday through Friday afternoons with a little bit additional flexibility into the evenings and on school holidays. It's $25-30/hour gross for 20 hours/week, plus a monthly metrocard. The position starts ASAP, with meeting taking place immediately. Yay? Yes? If so, please apply today!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

The family is looking to work with someone who is creative and eclectic. The family is looking for someone who is well educated, proactive, resourceful, very well organized, and curious about the world. The family is looking for someone who will help to provide a structure for the girls. The family is looking for a role model for their girls. Excellent organization skills are a must in order to multi task and model organization to girls.


The core schedule is Monday 3-9:30 PM; Tuesday through Thursday 3-7 PM; and Fridays 4:30-7:30 PM. Flexibility to stay later in the evening and help with school holidays is a plus!

About the Children

twin girls, age 11 - They're very high energy and very dynamic. They are competitive swimmers. They have practices three times per week. They struggle with school and haven't found instinctive motivation. They are hard working but they haven't figured out working towards a goal by working through it in different steps. Once of the girls has an anxiety disorder which is pretty much managed by now and she also suffers from ADHD for which she takes medication and it helps her focus at school. They do not enjoy reading. They have tasks and they like to execute them. They are very diligent and they like to do a good job. One of them is more introverted. They are very social. For example, one would prefer to have a small, intimate birthday party and the other would want to invite everyone to the party. They started a new school last year and they are still trying to find their way into where they fit socially. One of the girls wants to be a judge when she grows up and the other girl wants to be a veterinarian.


Pick up girls from school or activities. Please assist the girls with backpacks (they are heavy and one of the girls has a neck injury). Afterschool activities depend on the day and the girls have swimming a few days each week. A big chunk of the job household management, escorting the girls to activities, cooking, light cleaning after meals and play, laundry and ironing for kids once a week. The sitter is responsible for taking the girls to doctors appointments and administering medicines, and relaying any important information to the parents. Other General Responsibilities rundown: Every Friday, please have a menu plan ready for the following week and a shopping list so that the parents can place an order for groceries over the weekend. Please work with girls in organizing girls’ rooms, toys, etc., as well as the play area by the terrace door. Desks must be free of clutter so that they concentrate on homework. Help with vacuuming if needed, especially after dinner in dining room. Makes sure the apartment is presentable by the time mom and dad come from work and the girls are responsible and accountable for their share of work. If needed, help with the girls' laundry before school pick up. There is also a cleaning person who does laundry once weekly, so you'll only need to do laundry if it’s urgent, such as school uniforms. With the girls' uniforms in particular, iron the girls’ uniforms and make sure there is always one ready for the next school day. Please keep track on when the school has formal uniform days so that you can anticipate the wardrobe requirements. Regarding discipline, help parents enforce the habit for the girls to clean after themselves. They are too old for time outs, however the parents will confiscate the girls' electronics for 1 or more days depending on the offense. Encourage "please" and "thank you." iphones and/or computers (except when doing homework) is limited to 30 min daily during the school year. During breaks, they are allowed one hour in the morning and one in the afternoon/evening. In terms of dinner, the girls are picky eaters. You may try sitting with them, which usually helps. They eat better when mom and dad eat with them, so feel free to join them for dinner. After dinner, they need to brush teeth. Tidy up the dinner table and kitchen. Miscellaneous responsibilities: Run an inventory – Keep a list of items parents need to replace or replenish. For example, art equipment for the girls and school supplies, detergent, kids’ toiletries, food/grocery list, etc.

Additional Information

The family is busy during the week and they go to Long Island to try and relax during the weekend. Both parents work and they do not micromanage. The school is on the UES and then you can take the 6 train home. The position starts asap! Upon hire, the parents will require a drug test.

  • Rate

    $25-30/hour (gross) + monthly metrocard


    through at least June 2019, ideally longer

    Total Hours per Week

    20 hours/week

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