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WEEKENDS: $650/weekend with BK Family, three kids, ages 5,3&7 months! (cPTFI121018)

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This bubbly Brooklyn family of five is looking for a weekend nanny to help keep things rolling with their three children. The family would love someone who is flexible with household duties, and is looking to fit in and become a part of the team! Being able to travel to their lake house over the summer is a MUST! Also the family is looking for someone ready to make a long-term commitment! (1+ year, ideally 2-3!)

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

The ideal sitter is someone who loves to cook and make lots of food! Obviously they want someone amazing and can build a report with. Additionally, someone who can engage and redirect the children when needed. Great time management is a need, as well as someone who's always thinking ahead to the next thing. You should be super organized, with a clean-as-you-go attitude! Someone with OT or PT experience would be a huge plus! The family is very interested in dance, yoga, theatre people as well!


Saturday and Sunday: 8AM-8PM, flexibility for the right fit! Please include your preferred availability in your application.

About the Children

Oldest: sleep apnea, can be cranky because of lack of sleep - working on it! Can need a lot of engagement. Loves soccer and tag, arts and crafts and reading! Middle: really calm, really sweet! Low muscle tone, but has been in therapy for it! Can be a picky eater, so may eat something specific. baby girl: 7 months! Lots of cuddles needed!


This family is looking for someone with lots of flexibility! With three kids in the house, there is always a lot going on, and the family would love someone who is ready to jump in wherever needed. Someone with a lot of cooking experience would be HUGE Bonus!! Additionally, they need a lot of help with the laundry, so please be willing to jump with that! Flexibility to travel on weekends during the summer is a must!! Family will happily reimburse for your travel.

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