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FULL-TIME NANNY: Fort Greene, $24-25/hour for 40 hours/week guaranteed, with girl, 5 and baby-to-be! kFTAL1719

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Are you looking for a new full-time position where you can grow with a family while they grow?! Do you look forward to enriching young children's lives and aiding them in their development? This kind and thoughtful Fort Greene family is looking to hire a SmartSitter to work with their imaginative, sweet 5-year-old daughter and baby girl who will be born in April. The core schedule is Monday through Friday, 1 PM - 6:30/7 PM, plus 1-2 regular date nights until 8 or 9 PM, plus full day coverage on sick days and school holidays. The hours will typically be 40 hours/week at most, and often fewer, and the family is happy to offer a guaranteed salary. It's $24-25/hour for 40 hours/week guaranteed. The position will begin as soon as they find the right fit with interviews taking place in the evenings immediately.

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Experience with early school aged kids and infants is paramount as they are expecting another baby girl. CPR certification is also expected. Someone who would be comfortable with both children as they may be with them both after the baby is born. **It should be noted that they will have a baby nurse at first and likely a part-time sitter for the older girl when the full-time person's schedule will shift to a more traditional schedule with the baby. Someone who is a self-starter and has a very keen eye for detail. Someone who can take charge of the position. They will have full charge of their extra responsibilities and when those are taken care of so someone with a focused, flexible, and detail oriented way of approaching scheduling and their time. A really fun and engaging sitter who is interested in keeping the girl's development, and eventually the baby's, development progressing. They love to read during meal time and always interacting with the girl, drawing with her, being involved in her activities, and verbally engaging her throughout the day together. Someone who can inspire the girl to try harder and continue to learn new things in life and succeed! A background in childhood education is a plus! Someone who can assist her with her math, reading, and writing is a huge plus, too.


The core schedule is Monday through Friday, 1 PM - 6:30/7 PM, plus 1-2 regular date nights until 8 or 9 PM, plus full day coverage on sick days and school holidays. Flexibility is hugely important and much appreciated. Occasionally coming early at 7 AM and taking her to school. When the baby is 3-6 months old, the schedule to shift to a more traditional, Monday to Friday, 9-5 PM schedule. The family is guaranteeing up to 40 hours/week. They always send the nanny home in car after 9 PM. Paid holidays and time off will be included and after 6 months, the family will also offer health insurance (starts after three months and is fully covered).

About the Children

girl, 5- She is in kindergarten full-time. She is so creative and fun. She lives in an imaginary world that is constantly animated! She looks at all objects and recalls what they remind her of in life. She is beloved by all of her teachers; they call her a diplomat and the most empathetic child in their classroom. She is such a kind soul and is very sensitive. She has a strong moral compass and believes in treating everyone equally. This can sometimes leave her vulnerable with other children who don't feel the same. She is doing so well with her reading and writing. it's something they are always working on. She loves a good puzzle, too. baby-to-be in April- She will be born in April and have a baby nurse for a few months at first.


The SmartSitter will be fully responsible for the older girls care during the week. They will arrive early on occasion to take care of the girl's laundry, meal prep, and any household tasks related to the child, etc. They will pick her up from school and take her to activities and play dates. When they give her her meals, they will read with her. They will help with her bathtime and bedtime routine and stay later at times. Eventually, They will take over full care of the baby and working alongside another part-time sitter who will be with older girl. They will feed her, change her, put her down for naps, take her to classes, and occasionally have both girls. They will likely be working alongside another caregiver, and sometimes mom who works at home, to keep things running smoothly for the family! After the baby is born, they will retain the household management tasks including laundry and meal prep for the girls and running errands for supplies in the neighborhood. Potentially traveling with the family in the future from time to time.

Additional Information

They use this app called Hub to give as much advanced notice as possible. They are really looking to invest in a caregiver who can in turn grow with their family for at least a few years. They are super kind and generous employers and people!

  • Rate

    $24-25/hour gross, plus reimbursement for any travel with the children.


    at least two years, ideally longer

    Total Hours per Week

    40 hours/week guaranteed

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