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PART TIME BABYSITTER: Woodside, $23/hour, 7 hours/week, with girl, 5! kASJI1819

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Are you fun, reliable, responsible, and trustworthy?! We have an upcoming after school position in Woodside, Queens, with a really cute 5-year-old girl. They are looking for someone to help with the after school routine on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and possible Wednesdays starting in March, communicate any school updates to the parents, and occasionally attend teacher meetings and pass along any updates, etc., to the parents. It's $23/hour for 7 hours/week. This position will begin immediately, with an initial FaceTime meeting this week!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Their ideal sitter will model positive behavior - be energetic, happy, demonstrate positive interactions. Offer no more than two choices at a time for activities like reading or legos, coloring or making a picture, watching the Big TV or iPad. Model positive communication - demonstrate willingness to listen and patience to be heard. Ask the girl questions using a social emotional intelligent approach. Demonstrate respect through positive verbal communication. Absolutely be present with her and demonstrate direct eye contact, participate in conversation and activities that the Anita wants to do. And very importantly, raise things to the parents' attention when it happens, not long after the incident - Alert them about red flags before they become fires. Raise things to their attention at the end of each day from child behavior, medical needs, etc. and give me the complete picture, not just part of the story. They want to avoid all negative language, threatening language, or demands - eliminate sentences that start with, “You should...” “Mommy says....” “Mommy will get mad if...” “I’m taking away...” They do not want someone to disengage or do their own personal work when with the child- If she wants some personal time alone, then use that time to wash dishes, put away toys, or review her homework. And finally, to not administer medication without consulting the parents or a physicians first. Training from the parent(s) will be provided in all cases!


The core schedule is Tuesday and Thursday, from 2:20-6 PM. Flexibility to assist on Wednesdays starting in March is paramount!

About the Children

girl, 5- She is a positive and happy girl. She loves to build Legos, paint, draw, make jewelry, play dress-up and pretend, create stories and shows with her stuffed animals, play board games, and do scavenger hunts. Her favorite cartoons/toys are My Little Pony, SuperHero Girls, LOL Surprises, Lego Friends, and Lego Disney Princesses. She is asthmatic and has several food and tactile allergies (gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame seeds, pet dander and latex). These allergens are not permitted within the home. She has a very specific medical care management plan created by her doctors and parents which they are happy to share.


The family has a very helpful schedule breakdown for their new sitter: 2:20-2:30 PM: School pick up (ask the girl about her day, engage in conversation, talk about your day - she enjoys hearing about work and jobs and it helps develop her vocabulary and critical thinking skills.) Be aware and alert when walking home. They live in a congested area with busy street traffic. It is critical that the SmartSitter use caution and care. 3-5 PM: Choice of screen time, playtime, relaxing, and/or snack. Any or a combination of things can be done during these hours. If the girl is asleep, they ask that their SmartSitter wash dishes or tidy up. They find that winding down iPad time by counting down from 10 minutes and the following transition cue: “At the end of the video you are watching, we are putting it away.” has worked immensely well and is the preferred course of action. If you receive resistance, gently reinforce the rule and ask her to turn it off or you will turn it off. Then redirect her attention to homework. 5-6 PM: It's homework time of two pages at least. Let the girl choose between math or writing. Let her complete homework at her own pace.

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