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PART TIME: $25-30/hour for 14 hours/week with two boys, ages 12 and 15! #YESTOMANNIES (cPTCL11419)

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The lovely Upper West Side family is looking for a warm, structured presence two days a week for their two older boys, ages 12 and 15. The boys are mostly autonomous, but really thrive from having someone in the house who can help them stay on task and doing what they need to do! #YESTOMANNIES - please apply if you think you're the right fit for this family!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

OPEN TO MANNIES! Someone really emotional intelligent, and can help them process their feelings. Someone who is active, athletic, and high energy would be a big plus!! The family would love someone who could speak French or Spanish, but it’s not a deal breaker. Someone who likes to cook is a MUST! Someone who can be flexible and adjust to what’s going on in the moment. Still provide a structure and keep engaged . Someone looking to make a long-term commitment.


Mondays, 3 - 10pm Thursdays, 4 -11pm Flexibility to stay later on Thursday with advanced notice

About the Children

They’re both bilingual (English and French) - They get along pretty well, although they are typical brothers! boy, 12: He wants to have his own place in the family. He is very sports and action oriented! Very social, likes to have friends and people around him. He likes to be in a group, collective learning, common goals. Tends to feel bored easily. He’s doing well academically, but doesn’t like school as much as his older brother. Still wants to please adults/teachers, but that is starting to shift. Very sensitive, can take things very personally, and become defensive at times. You have to understand what’s going on inside him to help him lower his guard. boy, 15: He’s very mature and observant, he can be a little analytical in his thinking (can be rigid at times). He’s athletic, and likes math and history. He can be very competitive, always looking to excel and do more. He’s pretty social, and has learned to open up to more people over the past few years. Generally well liked by his peers. More private, likes time to himself.


On Mondays, meet the oldest son at the allergist (he gets weekly allergy shots). Otherwise, it’s pretty much being home and providing the two autonomous boys with an adult presence. They like having company, and the family would like to avoid screens. Providing structure and homework help when needed, The need someone who will cook dinner each night (someone who is interested in cooking and healthy cooking is a big plus!) Might have to go grocery shopping occasionally. The family would really love someone who is looking to develop a relationship with them, and be there and available for them if they need it.

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