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PART TIME: $25/hour for 20 hours/week with Special Needs infant, age 6 months! (cPTMH12419)

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This lovely Morningside Heights family is looking for some part time help with their new 6-month old baby! The baby has epilepsy and global developmental delays, and mom is looking for someone who feels comfortable and competent with these special needs. The days will look like accompanying him with various therapies in the house, as well as lots of cuddles!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Someone very mature, with a lot of experience. Very interactive with him. Willing to see what’s going on with him in therapy and do those activities with him. Someone who is watchful for seizures, and possibly able to administer rescue medications. Need to keep a close eye on him. Someone with a medical background would be super helpful! Someone comfortable with mom being home a lot - she’ll be in and around.


Monday/Tuesday/Friday: 10:00am - 2:00pm Wednesday/Thursday: 2:00pm-6:00pm

About the Children

son, 6 months: otherwise healthy, pretty sweet baby boy. Has epilepsy and gets a lot of preventative therapy. He’s in therapy a lot at home, and also in a couple baby groups. Not a typically developing baby. He’s a big boy though - 22 pounds! So somebody strong is good!


The days are structured around the various therapies, and he still naps three times a day. You’ll be present during those therapies, but you won’t need to help. Mostly hanging out and playing at home. Some help with laundry when possible would be a great help! Otherwise, just helping wash his bottles and put them away. Food prep is super easy, and maybe some formula as well.

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