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PART-TIME: Brooklyn Heights, $25/hour, WR, 8 hours/week, with 3 kids! kPTCT13019

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We have a BK Heights family (referred by another awesome Brooklyn family) looking for someone fun and silly to help out with the end of week routine. The schedule is Wednesday’s from 3-6 PM, and Thursdays from 2:30-7:30 PM, with flexibility to stay later on occasion. They have three wonderful kids. They are all very active and sweet. Their middle girl goes to speech and physical therapies and someone with experience with this and multiples is a huge plus! Typically the sitter will be 1-2 kids; with all three, plus SAHM; or occasionally on their own the three. It's $20-25/hour, 8 hours/week, They are looking for someone to start in March!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Someone very engaging, outgoing, and fun who can communicate with and engage the middle child when they are going to and from her therapies. They would be helping her to develop continuously and become more developed generally. Someone creative who loves reading with the kids and doing fun art projects with. Some who knows when to be fun and warm, but also when to be firm if necessary. Someone with multiples experience around these ages is a huge plus. Someone proactive and comfortable cleaning up after playtime and meals. Someone willing to follow the family’s rules and guidelines with their help.


The core schedule is Wednesday’s from 3-6 PM, and Thursdays from 2:30-7:30 PM. Flexibility to stay later on occasion.

About the Children

boy, 7- Extremely verbal and curious - loves sports and wants to go everywhere with a soccer ball/football/basketball. Likes to be a part of the group and is outgoing. Takes swimming, soccer, tennis and lacrosse. girl, 6- She is a giggly, fun-loving, silly girl who is into sparkles and tutus and dressing up and all things little girl! She is outgoing and friendly, albeit sometimes impulsive and emotional. She loves to play and have fun! She is in speech and physical therapy. girl, 4- Typical 3rd child - wants to do whatever the older two are doing! Total ham and likes to make people laugh, play games, and be silly. She is a little daredevil in climbing, running, scooting, but extremely sweet and caring.


The sitter will assist with school pick up, taking the kids to activities, playing with them at home, or hosting playdates. They may assist with taking the middle girl to TriBeCa (Reade Street and Greenwich) for therapy. The SmartSitter will wait for her in the waiting room, or stay close by in the neighborhood. On occasion the family will ask the SmartSitter to run an errand or two nearby, but never too far from the office. Then come home and if they stay late, help with dinner clean up, bath, and bedtime while parents are out. Friday: The SmartSitter will meet the girls at home and taking them to the park or a play date. The sitter will also helping prep light dinner on occasion these days as well. They will be responsible for tidying up after snacks, meals, and play time, being proactive around the house as much as time allows.

  • Rate

    $25/hour gross


    through at least June 2019

    Total Hours per Week

    8 hours/week

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