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THURSDAY: $25/hour for 5 hours/week with two boys, 6&3! (cPCD21419)

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A family is Prospect Lefferts Garden is seeking a babysitter for their two boys on Thursday evenings! The sitter would need to be able to give the kids dinner, put them to bed and stay until about 10pm. Taking their dog on a walk with the boys and bringing her back to their apt is a plus! Please apply if you think you'd be the perfect fit!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

The ideal sitter should be flexible. The family is seeking someone who is reliable, honest, friendly, and easygoing.


Thursdays: 5:00pm - 10:00pm

About the Children

Boy, 6 - He is in pre-K now! He is super active just like his younger brother. He is pretty easy going and likes super heroes. He loves to take a toy with him to school. He likes basketball and soccer. Boy, 3 -He is starting to talk a good amount and he is adventurous. He can be reckless so need a bit of an eye. He is very cuddly as well. Loves everything his brother likes. He is a big eater and loves blueberries in the morning.


The afternoon would start sitter with two pick ups, one in downtown Brooklyn and the other in the family's neighborhood before 6:00pm. Then you would get everyone home safely, and it's time for a little bit of playtime. Next, you would need to be able to give the kids dinner, put them to bed and stay until about 10pm when the parents come home!

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This position will start with a Facetime interview ASAP!

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    Through the 2018-2019 school year, and potentially longer

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