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HEAVY PART TIME: $25/hour for 33+ hours/week in New Jersey, with three boys, ages 10,12, and 14! #YESTOMANNIES (cPTAF32819)

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This fun and active Weehawken family is looking for a new after school sitter to join their team! The position is for someone who is highly organized and can keep track of three boys' busy schedules! A valid driver's license is a must!! Please apply if you think you'd be the right fit!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

This family needs a sitter that the children can hang out with, but also someone who can discipline them when needed. Someone down to earth, as they have moments when they need more support. Someone who can stay long term would be a huge plus! #YESTOMANNIES


Monday - Friday, 2:45pm - 9:00/9:30pm

About the Children

boy, 14: going to high school in September in the city! He’s very self sufficient and can get himself around. He’s pretty quiet, and kind of on his own. He’s very athletic, and really likes sports. boy, 12: Going to middle school, and will be applying to high school next year. Can be slow to warm up, but wants someone who will talk with him and hang out with him. Likes a lot of attention, but can be self-sufficient as well. He likes being in the kitchen. boy, 10: he’s a bit of the spoiled baby, but he is a good kid! In 6th grade - gets along with his brothers. Also loves sports - basketball, baseball They all love sports and video games (they play sparingly). They’re also into music, and have played piano for 4 years.


The afternoon will start with after school pick-up. Then maybe you’ll go to the park and just hang out a bit. There’s piano or tutoring on different days of the week. You can help with snacks and then starting homework. They all have various sport practices, and they’re in the evening. You’ll be DRIVING the boys around to their practices. But you can drop them off. Once they’re home it’s time for dinner (mom will typically prep something beforehand), then shower and ready for bed by 9:30pm/10:00pm. The family is really looking for something to help manage the children’s schedule as well as help out with some light housekeeping, when there’s time! The boys are pretty self-sufficient, so you can help out then. The family will have an extra car that you can use.

Additional Information

This position starts in Mid-May, with a trial beforehand! If you have your own car that's a huge plus!

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