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Part-Time or Full-Time: Recruitment Coordinator, Union Square, Coolest Co-workers!

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We are hiring a Part-Time or Full-Time Recruitment Coordinator in our Union Square office! The position is during business hours and can be either part-time (15-30 hours/week) or full-time (40 hours per week). For the right candidate, we are able customize your schedule around an existing commitment, such as a regularly scheduled class or other position with set hours. You will be responsible for posting ads, reviewing applications, conducting interviews, speaking with references, running background checks, editing profiles, and helping new SmartSitters make their way through the entirety of our screening process. We expect to hire one full-time person and one part-time person, so you will be working as a team with the full-time person at the helm and the part-time person supporting. Ideally, we are looking to hire someone looking to make an ongoing commitment of one year, but are open to all candidates at this time. Yay? Yes? If so, we would absolutely love to hear from you! In your application, please include your current working availability, ideal working schedule, any flexibility you may have, and when you can start! ***Do you have a friend who might be interested? Have them email with a cover letter and resume to apply! Subject: SmartSitting Recruitment Coordinator: [Applicant's Full Name]***

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Someone who enjoys a fast paced work environment and knows their way around a MacBook like a pro. Someone who is awesome at e-mail management, switching between different types of tasks, keeping track of all the the things, and can do so with a cheerful disposition and positive energy. Someone who loves working on their computer as much as they love talking to people in person and on the phone. Someone who is a good, engaging listener, and can focus focus focus! If you're friendly and professional, if you give 110%, if you're smart and resourceful, if you're humble, adaptable, accountable, and appreciate a work-life balance, this is your next position! Skills and Qualifications: *4 year college degree *Tech savvy and super quick at navigating on a MacBook *Quick learner (we use and switch between a lot of websites and softwares constantly) *Action oriented! Not afraid to try something new! *Great communication skills, both written and verbal *Welcoming presence, both the phone and in person *Awesome time management skills *You love being efficient! *Great judgment skills; you trust yourself to evaluate someone you just met against a set of criteria. *You are active on and know your way around social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram) and can think of ways these platforms can be used to achieve recruitment goals. *You support diversity and understand and utilize the concepts of equal opportunity.


The position is at our Union Square office. If you're working full-time, it will be Monday through Friday, 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM. You'll have an hour off each day for lunch or errands and can occasionally leave early on lighter volume days. If part-time, we have some flexibility with scheduling. It could be a morning position Monday through Friday or Tuesday through Friday, 9:30 AM - 12:30 AM, and a separate afternoon position, Monday through Friday or Tuesday through Friday 1/1:30 PM - 5/5:30 PM. If you're interested in the position and have any regular scheduling conflicts within the week, feel free to apply and include any conflicts you may have.

About the Children

Coworker Details, you ask? Okay, here's who you'll be working with: Caity: The perfect mash up of "very chill" and "very passionate." Extremely smart. Also, she secretly knows all music theatre songs and will sing along if you start singing first. Caity has a fear of magic. Collin: If Collin had a motto, it would be, "work diligently and always keep a lookout for how to help others." You want to work with Collin. He also loves leftovers. Adrienne: A lover of all things GOOD. Good coffee, good food, and doing good in the world. Kirstyn: Your new boss is a plant-loving problem solver and helper by nature. She is a wise sage with a really awesome dog named Marty. She ran 10 miles last week. She is very cool. Dara: Dara is writing these bios and isn't used to referring to herself in the third person. She is super duper excited to meet you! Suzie: Suzie is the most empathetic of the bunch of us and also very positive. She is always happy to lend a helping hand or help however she can. Also, she has a SUPER cute 2-year-old named Chase. Danisha: Danisha is our on call specialist, i.e. the main family and SmartSitter helper for last minute needs outside of regular business hours. Did your cat get stuck on the neighbor's roof and the fire department is on it's way and you *may* have to cancel your booking that starts in 4 hours and it's 11 AM on a Saturday? Well, in this case, hopefully the fire department will be gone within the hour and you won't have to cancel the booking. However, if you did need anything, Danisha is there to help! Kayleigh: Collects all your time-sheets and does all the billing from a tiny laptop that travels the world while she travels the world performing music. She is as cool as Kirstyn. Jamie: Makes everything work when it breaks (hearts not included). Also, Dara and Jamie did Guys and Dolls together in eighth grade.


Representing SmartSitting to all prospective and new SmartSitters! Helping SmartSitters from the recruiting stage all the way to approval in our network! You, along with your recruitment teammate, will be responsible for posting ads, reviewing applications, conducting interviews, speaking with references, running background checks, editing profiles, and helping new SmartSitters make their way through the entirety of our screening process.

Additional Information

We may have flexibility to work around existing standing commitments, especially within the part-time schedule, so if you're interested, please apply and include your current availability, ideal working schedule, and any flexibility you may have! Compensation Details: Starts at $17/hour. Rate increases upon a successful trial period. Long-term compensation packages including paid vacations, holidays (including your birthday off!), metro card reimbursement, partial phone reimbursement, some flexibility to work remotely, and if you are working full-time, a health insurance contribution.

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