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FRIDAYS: $24-26/hour for 9 hours/week, BedStuy, with little girl, age 15 months! (cPTLW042419)

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This cool Brooklyn family is looking for someone to assist their full time nanny with their two children. The nanny works with the baby Monday-Thursday while the son is at preschool, and you'll be responsible for the baby on Friday! The family is also looking for a caregiver for the son Monday - Thursday, 3:00 - 6:00 (cASLW042419)! You can see that job posting here: They would love for it to be the same person, but understand that the availabilities may not line up. If you're interested and available for both positions, please mention in your application (and feel free to apply at a higher rate ~$28/hour)

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Both children would be interested in someone who is pretty high energy - someone very animated. Someone who can draw or explore with them. Someone who is very attentive and not on their phone all day.


Fridays, 8:00am - 5:00pm

About the Children

son, 3.5: he’s in preschool! He loves reading and is quite talkative. He loves swimming and soccer. Every now and then he’s going to a music class. He has a strong will, but likes to assess a situation before acting - but can be very spirited from there! He’s potty trained. He likes to help with cooking. daughter, 16 months: Has a FT nanny! Much more outgoing temperament - thinks everything is funny. Very playful and physical. Wants to climb and loves to be outside. She wants to do whatever her brother is doing. She eats everything.


You'll be spending the day with a sweet little baby, age 15 months! Keep her happy and occupied - she's loves being outside! This family is very low screens, so stay interactive with her and get her out and about and out of the house!

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This position starts ASAP!

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    Through Summer 2019 and ideally longer

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