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PART-TIME BABYSITTER: MORNINGS in Tribeca, $250-300/week, with two kids, 7 &9! kPTAH5619

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MORNING and WEEKEND JOB ALERT! A super lovely family in Tribeca is looking for someone to accompany their 9-year-old son to school on the UES weekday mornings and help with both kids on preferrably on weekends, too. They are ideally looking for someone to drive him from Tribeca to the UES and then drop the car off at a convenient locale for mom and dad. On weekends, they would be having fun and keeping the kids happy, healthy, and engaged. You don't drive you say?! That's ok! If you are free Monday to Friday from about 7:30-9:30 AM, and weekends 9-3 PM, and are smart, city savvy, engaging, and a bright spirited person apply! It's $50-60/morning gross for 5 mornings/week. GUARANTEED!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

REQUIREMENTS: Driver’s license, clean driving record, has extensive experience driving in the city and is comfortable doing so. Is comfortable getting a car in and out of a public garage, as well as driving someone else’s car. If you don't drive, that's ok! Be an awesome person who can brighten the boy's day and get him to school fed and in a timely manner and it's yours :) Must be willing to be trained on seizure medication protocol. Has hands-on experience nannying in the city (PT or FT). Understands the fast paced level of nannying in the city. Knows the ins and outs of public transit and is comfortable using it. Someone who is really on the ball and pays attention to detail and to the kids fully (example: at the playground the boy needs to have 100% attention on him due to his balance issues.) Is level headed in case of emergency and knows how to handle emergency situations with grace. Key for weekends especially is having someone who can come up with “itineraries” for the day without a lot of guidance. Someone super creative and comfortable with creating kid-friendly plans with lots of flexibility. PLUSES: A background in special ed or experience working with kids with special needs is a plus! Someone super attentive and engaging who can really bond with the kids and grow with the family. The boy needs a bit more attention at times, so someone really attentive and mindful of their time together. Someone familiar with the city and getting around with kids via subway, Uber, driving, or taxi is super important. Someone proactive with a can-do attitude who isn't afraid to jump in and take charge. A hard working and dedicated person is also an ideal candidate. Would love someone who can speak another language (Spanish or French a plus!) and/or can bring new experiences and cultures into the home.


The core schedule is Monday to Friday, from 7:30-930 AM is a must and additional Saturday and Sunday availability, from 9 AM to 3 PM, is a plus!

About the Children

Boy, age 9- He is shy at first, but once he warms up he’s a love bug and wants to show you everything! he loves costumes and imaginary play, being read to and being told stories, superheroes, comics, drawing, and he has a very big imagination. Currently very into making art and graffiti culture. He is very silly and funny. He has Epilepsy which has caused developmental, speech, and balance delays. he is quite independent and goes to therapies, but he needs some help from time to time. He is school on the UES. Girl, age 7 - shy and a bit standoffish at first, loves reading chapter books, arts and crafts, dancing, legos/building, experimental cooking and baking, writing and illustrating books, and deep imaginary play.


Mornings: Going to the family’s garage in the morning and picking up the car. Then, driving to the apartment building, parking and waiting out front for Mom or Dad to bring down boy, get boy in the car, and make sure he is eating his breakfast and in good spirits (music, stories, general chatter) on the drive to his school on Upper East Side. Then, parking, getting him out of the car and into school in a seamless manner. Key here is a seamless transition, if he’s in a crummy mood, working to get his morning turned around so he’s ready for learning. Post drop off, return the car to the garage downtown or to a different garage requested by Mom or Dad depending on plans later in the day. Weekends: Taking the children to their weekend activities via family car, public transit, or taxi/uber/lyft. Ensuring they are safe while in transit and during the activity. Filling the remainder of their weekends with fun activities, outings, or creative projects. Spending more time outside is their ideal! Getting the kids back home/prepping them for an easy transition off to Mom and Dad when day is winding down. Helping with meals, bedtime, and general care as needed (i.e. baths, dinner, etc.)

  • Rate

    $50-60/morning gross


    through summer and potentially longer

    Total Hours per Week

    5 mornings/week

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