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PART TIME MORNINGS: $20-24/hour for 10 hours/week, Hell's Kitchen, with baby boy, age 7 months! (cPTSM051019)

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This sweet Hell's Kitchen mom is looking for some morning assistance with her little boy, age 7 months! Sometimes mom will be home and other times she will be out at appointments and she would love for you to just keep him happy and having fun while you're there!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Very big on cleanliness, no shoes in the house! When you walk into the house you hang up your coat, take off your shoes, and wash your hands. No kisses on the face. Someone who’s able to ask questions if they’re not sure. Someone who can entertain him. Someone who can remain off their phone and really pay attention to him and who has some energy, he’s getting active and stronger! Mom will always be around, unless she has an appointment. Punctuality is very important as well! Someone who’s going to be on time! Immunizations must be up to date! Mom is going to ask about it.


Tuesday/Thursday 8:00am - 1:00pm

About the Children

Dominic, 7 months: he’s pretty calm, no special needs, meeting all milestones. Not big on crying, so if he does get fussy he’s probably just uncomfortable and needs to be changed. He’s eating well, 4-5 oz in a sitting. He loves solids and plays independently. No stranger danger! He's almost 20 pounds right now.


Come in at 8am and wash your hands and then provide his morning bottle. After his bottle, you can play with him a bit and then he usually takes a short nap from 9:30 - 10/10:15. Then he’ll want some sort of snack when he wakes up. Afterwards lots of playing! Additional tasks will include keeping the bottles clean, washing and sterilizing and also some help with his laundry once a week.

Additional Information

This position will start in the next two weeks.

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