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PART-TIME CLIENT ASSISTANT: Union Square, 3-5 days/wk, 12-5 PM, with the SmartSitting team! (kPTSS5719)

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Our vibrant and happy company is looking for a new part-time teammate! Are you who we're looking for? We sure hope so! Our favorite mottos are something along the lines of "Do all the things!" and "Book all the jobs!" and "Mmmm, baked goods and iced coffee are obviously delicious!" As Client Assistant, you will work very closely with our Director of Client Relations, Kirstyn, in order to best help our families and sitters and... book all the jobs while keeping the ship sailing smoothly! The position is very teamwork-oriented, and will included responsibilities across a number of departments, including helping answer phones and making and taking sitter reference calls. We're looking for between 3-5 days per week ($250-500/week, hourly rate DOE). The position begins as soon as possible (this week?!) for the right fit! We can't wait to speak with you, so apply today!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

You have a genuinely upbeat and happy disposition. You love people (and people love you!), you’re tech savvy, quick on the computer, great with various online softwares, super organized and super great at multitasking, you enjoy speaking on the phone and have an easygoing sense of conversation, you're happier when you're busy but you know how to relax and have fun so you don't burn out. You love being a part of a team. You love coffee and baked goods. You have probably never worked at a babysitting or nanny agency internally before, and you're up for the opportunity! You own your own laptop and smartphone.


The core schedule is 3-5 FLEX days/week, from 12-5 PM! Flexibility to stay later an hour occasionally is a plus! Please note you preferred schedule and full availability in your application.

About the Children

We are SmartSitting, a New York City based nanny and babysitting agency that operates like a network. Families tell their friends about us. Nannies tell their friends about us. At the end of the day, everyone knows someone, and we feel like a big family. We care so much about the families and the nannies and babysitters in our network, and our goal is to make every moment count.


Working directly with Kirstyn to assist and support in the process of families hiring SmartSitters! This includes everything from answering the phone, fielding general questions from prospective families, calling and transcribing reference calls for new SmartSitters in screening, emailing families to set up phone consultations, adding phone consultations to the calendar, editing SmartSitter applications, texting with sitters to coordinate interviews and trials, sending interview/trial confirmation emails, reaching out to SmartSitters within the network who may be a good fit for open positions and encouraging them to apply, and conducting check-ins to make sure everything is running smoothly for our sitters. The last few pieces require getting to know the current pool of very lovely SmartSitters.

Additional Information

Our promise to families: We take the responsibility of caring for children seriously, which is why we only accept 6% of all applicants into our network. We seek a unique combination of qualities in each SmartSitter that we choose to bring onto our team, and thats what makes a SmartSitter truly special. As a company, we adapt to your changing child care needs while consistently providing unparalleled support. We provide stability, responsiveness, and reliability. Finally, we hold ourselves and all of our SmartSitters accountable to the enrichment and engagement of children, and to the level of service that we strive to provide. We constantly encourage feedback and when we see something isn't up to our high standards, we always make sure to make it right. Our promise to sitters: SmartSitting is a SAFE way to find great babysitting jobs in NYC. We speak with every family before their first booking and get to know them so we can help set you up for the best possible experience right from the start. SmartSitting also navigates the business side of babysitting for you. By setting minimum lengths for bookings, we make sure your commute is worthwhile, and we ensure you receive cancellation reimbursements when things get called off at the last minute. We advocate for hourly rates that correlate with the important and meaningful work that you're doing so that you can live a happy and thriving life in NYC. We are here to help you fill your schedule, no matter what it is, so you can live the NYC life that you want to live and pursue your dreams. We maintain relationships with our sitters and nannies no matter how their schedules change. We are always a resource for you.

  • Rate

    $250-500/week gross, hourly rate DOE


    at least 3 months, ideally longer, room to grow!

    Total Hours per Week

    15-25 hours/week guaranteed

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