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PART TIME BABYSITTER: Short term, UES and Downtown, $25/hour, FLEX 12-15 hours/week, with baby, 8 weeks! kPTSD5139

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Do you love working with babies?! Are you looking to fill in your wonky schedule with childcare?! We have a great part-time position in UES with the family's new baby boy. You will be helping mom out while she continues her graduate studies and is in and out of the house. The family is looking for someone experienced with premies and ideally reflux, fun, engaging, communicative, city savvy, organized, flexible and open minded, fully vaccinated, and trustworthy to help with the baby! The core schedule is a FLEXIBLE 12 -15 hours/week based on the sitter's availability! It's $25/hour for 12-15 hours/week. The position will begin immediately!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Someone open minded, flexible, and good on the go is paramount. While up to date vaccinations and CPR certification are required, infant experience is a plus, but mom is willing to train someone! Someone comfortable following the parent's lead with attachment parenting and holding the baby a majority of the time. Someone who naturally leans towards this style and wants to hold him at all times is paramount.They are looking for someone who can go with their flow and be totally comfortable following mom's lead. Someone they can trust will stay on their schedule. Someone super responsible, city savvy, fun, engaging, and communicative. A creative mind and who can come up with engaging and fun activities on the go and potentially with few resources a true plus! **Please note that the flu vaccine and Tdap shot is required!**


The family is FLEXIBLE with the schedule based on the sitter's availability. 12-15 hours/week guaranteed!

About the Children

Baby boy, 8 weeks- He is nursing on demand and really doesn't like NOT being held at most times. He sleeps a lot and is playful, etc. The family's other kids: girl, 4- She has a big, energetic personality. She is very social and loves spending time with her big sister and her friends. She is very sweet as well. She loves going to the park, playing dolls, playing kitchen, and building with blocks. She also loves gymnastics, soccer, arts and crafts, picture books, and story time. She is going to school full-time now! girl, 7- She is a very sweet and sensitive girl. She is very athletic and loves gymnastics and swimming. She also loves art and crafts and being read to. She is sensitive and introspective, though she is very social and loves playdates and playing at the park with her friends. She has a severe peanut allergy.


The SmartSitter will primarily be home with the baby, but sometimes meet mom at NYU or downtown at the Immigration court to watch where she does occasional doing fieldwork, and watch the baby in the waiting room while she am doing observations of court proceedings, so someone open minded and flexible and open to adventure is a plus! She is a PhD student in sociology at NYU and the department is located in Soho. They may also work at the family's home alongside their other caregiver and older kids from time to time. It is very rare they would ever be with all three kids alone at once.

  • Rate

    $25/hour gross


    through June 2019

    Total Hours per Week

    12 hours/week guaranteed

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