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PART TIME BABYSITTER: Tribeca and Bedford, $30-35/hour gross for FLEX SCHEDULE, 20-40 hours/week guaranteed, with one boy 2.5! kPTAR71619

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The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Someone proactive and willing to jump in as needed. Someone comfortable and super duper mindful of his diabetes and care associated with that. Mom will likely be around a ton at first to make sure everything is going smoothly. They are more scheduled and regimented with him as a result of his diabetes. Absolute strong communication skills are hugely necessary. Willing to learn, adapt, be mindful, and fully aware of what's happening with the boy. Someone who has a big imagination and can open his mind a bit will be best. Someone who can come up with imaginative games and be creative with their time together. He isn't as physical, so someone super creative is probably best.


There will be a combination of mornings 8-1 PM or 4-10 PM, during the week, and weekends for full days from 8 AM to 10 PM. These hours will be shared with their other nanny and they are happy to set it up to be flexible for the right sitter. Some flexibility is much appreciated as well! Weekdays are in Tribeca and weekends are in Bedford! The travel is often a week or two at a time, with very predictable travel. Flexibility to travel is paramount typically 30 days/year, primarily domestic at the moment.

About the Children

boy, 2.5- He will be in school from 1-4 PM, daily. He is so mature and thoughtful and sweet. He is a really brave little guy and doesn't even get bothered by much. He is a resilient and cerebral little guy. He loves trucks! He is in speech therapy and had type 1 Diabetes. All of his food is measured out and calculated. They closely monitor his food intake and monitor his blood sugar at all times.


Assisting with the full care of the boy throughout the day from morning into the early evening. The responsibilities will vary depending on the day and typically revolve around feeding him, taking him to and from school, playdates, activities, and appointments. You may assist with some lighter household management tasks at times and overall be a helping hand to the family. You will be working alongside mom a lot at first and shadowing her on his care. As he gets older they would love this person to create mini, themed curriculums for the boy (dinosaur themed months, etc) that involve arts and crafts, new books, museums, etc. The SmartSitter will NOT need to help with household tasks as they will have a cleaner who take care of this. They would ask the person to tidy after themselves and the boy following meals and playtime, and keep an eye out for supplies that might be low or if they notice his diaper pail is full they change it out, etc.

  • Rate

    $30-35/hour gross


    at least one year

    Total Hours per Week

    20-40 hours/week guaranteed

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