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PART TIME BABYSITTER: Tribeca, $25/hour for 25 -30hours/week guaranteed, with two boys, 9 & 5! kPTAD71819

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We are working with a lovely returning Tribeca family to find a new after school sitter for their two boys. They are fun and active kids, 6 and 9. They are looking for a sitter to assist mom with the afternoon routine. The core schedule is 2 or 3pm-8pm, Monday-Friday. It's $25/hour for 25-30 hours/week guaranteed! The position will begin after Labor Day. They will hold initial FaceTime meetings followed by a trial day in the Hamptons with transportation time and cost reimbursed.

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

A very organized, energetic, fun, and kind person. Someone who can work with mom efficiently on a daily basis and the kids need a fun playmate who they can depend on like a big sibling. It would be a plus if you drive and are comfortable taking car to pick the kids up from school on some days. Someone personable, fun, and energetic who is truly joyful and brings a bright and sunny disposition with them to each day. A real professional who can just jump in and take charge with their role.


The core schedule is 2 or 3pm-8pm, Monday-Friday. The start time depends on if they are willing to drive.

About the Children

Boy, 5- He is really charming and into being the cute one. He likes people and is so funny. He is expressive and cuddly. He loves giving hugs! He always has something nice to say. He is the opposite of his brother and does NOT like sports. He plays baseball, but is not into it. He is super into art and loves crafts. He loves music and is into the radio. He does enrichment classes in reading and math outside of school, but doesn't have the same desire for academics as his brother. He does what is required and doesn't complain, but he will just move on and not challenge himself as much. He loves veggies and salads and doesn't like meat as much! His room is horizontal stripes of magenta and gay. He is so neat and organized. His side of the bathroom is perfectly neat. boy, 9- He is great at everything! He recently got a perfect score on his math assessment. .He is super academic and really into sports (hockey, gold, and baseball). He goes to school in Riverdale. He plays hockey and next year they will start traveling! He is so kinda and loving. He always gives 110%. He is social and really funny. He eats veggies he has to, but prefers the protein. His room is orange and blue. He is more scattered and disorganized than his brother.


Working alongside mom to tackle the afternoon routine. Responsibilities included picking up the kids in Riverdale by car or meeting them and taking an Uber back. They are signed them up for the bus but the family prefers to pick them up (3:05 PM pick up time) every day because the bus would drop them off at home at 4:30 PM or later and both kids have extracurriculars after school in Tribeca. The older son will have hockey practice at Chelsea Piers twice a week 5:30-6:50 PM, and the youngest will have different activities a few days of the week in Tribeca between 4-6 PM. The SmartSitter will be with one child while mom is with the other after school. In addition to playing with the kids and taking them to their activities (including driving at times), the SmartSitter would also be responsible for cooking dinner for the kids following recipes I provide or prepping dinners for me to cook, the kids' laundry, straightening up and organizing the kids' rooms, playroom, and after meals/meal prep, walking their friendly dog Crosby once a day and feeding him, and the occasional personal assistant type work like running errands, grocery shopping, returning items to local stores, making appointments for the kids' haircuts, dentist appointments and Crosby's vet, and grooming appointments. They will also help with putting together arts and crafts projects for school (as I am often a class parent and have to organize class art projects).

  • Rate

    $25/hour gross


    through the 2019-2020 school year

    Total Hours per Week

    25-30 hours/week guaranteed

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