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SHORT-TERM: $25-30/hour for 30 hours/week thru December, UWS, with three kids, ages 10,13,&16! (cPTJS080119)

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This sweet UWS family is looking for a mature and down to earth sitter to assist mom with their three older children, ages 10, 13, and 16. The two older children mostly manage themselves, but will need some structure occasionally. This family has some extra emotional needs: Dad is currently ill, and most likely will not be getting better. Mom is looking for someone who will be able to provide stability and a grounding energy for all of the children. There will obviously be times where emotions are running high, and she needs someone who can withstand that and weather the storm with them together.

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

This family is truly looking for someone more mature and with a lot of experience. Someone creative, artsy, and hands on is going to be a good fit. Someone who is confident and comfortable taking initiative. The family is looking for someone who is a bit more “alpha”. Someone loving and kind, but who knows how to get things done. The family wants someone who is going to hold the kids to a high standard. Someone respectful and kind, but tough. Someone who is going to be on time for everything! In the beginning, the kids might try to test you - and mom is looking for someone with a bit more experience in that capacity.


Monday-Friday, 2:30 - 8:30pm Plus maybe stay later as needed, with notice! (not required)

About the Children

Boy, 16: He’s responsible for himself! You’ll definitely see him around, but you won’t have to take care of him. Girl, 13: Pretty self sufficient, maybe the occasional drop off or pick-up from an activity Boy, 10: He has some various after-school activities and pick-ups.


The afternoon will start with picking up the youngest from school at 2:30pm. There is going to be some various after-school activities for each of them. Once home, there will be a half hour to decompress and then they might need some prompting with their homework. If one of them has a big test coming up, the family would love if you could help prep them! Piano lessons for everyone! The family has a chef that comes in and drops off food twice a week. The prep should be done, and you’ll just be heating things up. Mom has recipes that she’s happy to go over with everyone. The kids will help set and clear the tables. They have chores and the love helping out! You just need to oversee everything. Making sure everything is on schedule in terms of shower and bedtime routine.

Additional Information

This is a short term position through December. The family has a live in nanny coming in January.

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