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Part-Time Babysitter: AFTER SCHOOL, UES, $25-30/hour for 15 hours/week guaranteed, with boy, 12! kASLL72619

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A wonderful returning family on the UES is looking for a new role model and pal for their 12-year-old son! They are looking for someone who can spend afternoons with him after school and help him and encourage him to be more independent wand responsible with his homework. The new SmartSitter will be his confidant and supporter while keeping very open lines of communication with mom about his progress. It's $25-30/hour for 15 hours/week guaranteed! The position will begin after Labor Day with interviews beginning immediately!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Someone who can be a role model and buddy for him and can be strong in their own convictions as to not be bamboozled by his charming ways! Chatting about his social relationships and his friends to be a confidant for him is paramount, too. Someone reliable and responsible who is comfortable shuttling kids around and helping with some his homework. His ideal is someone who is very talkative and loves to chat with kids this age. Someone who can also teach him to listen as well. It's something he is working on as he is so high energy and bounces around from topic to topic. He is not the most disciplined when it comes to prioritizing his homework, so the SmartSitter should be able to help him to organize and layout his work to set him up for success. You don't need to check or help with his homework, but rather gently manage the priorities to engrain them in him. He often starts reading and reads for hours and then thinks he can do his homework in 5 minutes and ends up being up quite late. They want him to become more independent with his own responsibilities and preparing himself better each day. The most important thing is that they are a gentle reminder to him and encourage him to be more independent on this front. Last year, the school gave the kids laptops and it was completely unrestrictive in what he could access. He would get sucked into things so easily that would distract him like games and websites that he struggled to focus on his work. They are ultimately looking for someone who is more interested in developing his interests in non-screened activities or games. Focusing on activities that do not involve any screens is paramount. He can be quite charming so they want to avoid this at all costs. He has a twin sister, however the position is primarily with him!


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, 4:30-7:30 PM, and Wednesday, 3:15-6:15 PM. This may shift a bit depending on his after school schedule throughout the year. There are three seasons of athletics which may affect the dismissal at times. Flexibility to stay later on occasion or even help on weekends. The hours are guaranteed each week!

About the Children

girl, 12- She is a sweet girl and will primarily be with mom. boy, 12- He is still very interested in music and he plays the piano. He is so musical and likes to write his songs. He loves to dance and perform. He does a bit of theater and went to overnight camp this year where he was a lead role in Pippin. He is quite theatrical in his speech. He likes math, science, reading, and writer. He is currently deciding in being a lawyer or a writer. He isn't quite athletic, but loves to run. He plays chess and plays stratego. He really likes board games!


Primarily for the boy to pick him up from school and take him home. Making sure he is all set to complete his homework each day first and then hanging out or going to the park or to a fun activity! While he is doing his homework, they want someone who can model the good behavior for him like reading a good book and NOT on your phone. Everything in terms of school and activities is in the neighborhood. After he is finished with homework, they can go out to Central Park which is just a few blocks away! Sending mom an email update each day on the boy's progress and how he is doing both at home and in school so mom can be caught up and take any steps as needed. Someone super communicative is absolutely paramount!

  • Rate

    $25-30/hour gross


    through at least December 2019, ideally longer

    Total Hours per Week

    15 hours/week guaranteed

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