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FULL TIME: $25/hour for 50+ hours/week, LIC, with baby girl, age 4 months! (cFTJK080119)

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This sweet, laid back LIC family is looking for a new FT nanny to help out with their 4 month old baby girl. The baby is currently struggling to put on weight, and their number one focus is someone who can be attuned to her food needs throughout the day. Please apply if you think you'd be the perfect fit!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Someone who is CPR certified is a must since they are experimenting with foods! Someone who the family can trust to communicate with them. A lot of infant experience is a must. Someone who is going to be invested in problem solving, and take it on with energy. The family is direct, but pretty laid back. They keep a kosher kitchen, so someone who can be comfortable with that.


Monday-Friday, 8:30 - 6:30pm or 9:00-6:00

About the Children

baby girl, four months: being pulled out of daycare. She’s really struggling with putting on weight. She does nap very regularly, typically three naps a day! girl, 3.5 years: loves her little sister! Goes to daycare all day.


The baby will be your main responsibility! The baby has been having trouble putting on weight. They’re looking for someone who is able to work with her on her feeding primarily. She’s a little bottle adverse - and has switched to solids early. Someone to troubleshoot these issues with the family. Someone with infant experience is going to be a huge plus! They are going to start incorporating neighborhood activities once she puts on some weight. You may be asked to pick up the older girl from daycare at 5:30pm, but mom will be home shortly after. The family keeps a kosher kitchen.

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