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AFTER-SCHOOL: $25-27/hour for 15 hours/week, Windsor Terrace, three boys, ages, 4 9 & 11! (fASLW090319)

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This busy Windsor Terrace family is looking for an awesome part-time sitter to help with school pickup twice a week! The sitter would mainly be working in tandem with mom to pick up the youngest two from their separate schools, and then going home where you would meet the eldest son (he walks home). After that it'll be homework help, tidying up the boys spaces, and some light meal prep! Someone energized and comfortable with boys will be great! Apply if you think you'd be a great fit for the position.

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

The family would love someone to keep the schedule going with the flow, someone who can help mom keep things moving smoothly! They'd love someone who is comfortable being with all 3 boys at once, is good with homework help, and will engage with the three of them in different ways as they all have different personalities! Someone who can keep calm when things get a little hectic will be appreciated!


Monday, Thursday, Friday 2:30 - 7:30 (With flexibility to stay later if the parents have an event one night. See additional info)

About the Children

Boy, 4 - Character, likes to wear dresses and is very theatrical! Known around the neighborhood as a charismatic firecracker, strong-willed, enjoys stability and structure! Boy, 9 - Really sweet and flexible, loves soccer, very easy-going and helpful, going into 4th grade! Boy, - Loves to wear suits to school, homebody who loves to come home after school and chill-out, enjoys having friends over, likes geography and history! All play well together and have lots of friends!


You'll be working in tandem with mom to pick up one of the youngest boys from school, she'll pick up the other. You'll go home to meet the eldest son who gets home from school on his own. Once home, you'll help the boys with their homework, tidy up their spaces, and have fun with them! Also light meal prep for dinner and snacks.

Additional Information

The core schedule will be Monday, Thursday, and Friday from 2:30 - 7:30pm. The family would love if the sitter had flexibility to stay longer at night on occasion. For instance, if the parents have an event on Thursday night and the sitter would stay an extra 5 hours, they would not need to work on Friday as they will have worked the guaranteed 15 hours. Would also appreciate occasional weekend help, and maybe flexibility to cover school holidays! They have a yard and are two blocks from Prospect Park and close to a subway, so lots of things to do on days off!

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