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PART-TIME & WEEKENDS: $25-30/hr for 32 hrs/wk, UWS, three kids, 1, 3, & 4.5! (fPTSK082619)

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This busy UWS family is looking for another sitter to work alongside their full-time nanny during the workweek, and then to care for their three loving children by themselves on the weekends! The kids are 1, 3, and 4.5! The oldest is very mature for her age, middle child is super sweet, and baby is always smiling! This family is looking for someone with flexibility in their schedule. Please apply if you think you'd be a great fit!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

First and foremost the family would love someone who is reliable and proactive. For instance, if they are sitting on Friday evening and know they will need to have the diaper bag and changes of clothes ready for a day out on Saturday, they'll get that ready the evening before. Someone who is good at relating to kids, who can interact and engage at their level. A sitter with an education or child psychology background would be a bonus! Someone who's aware of children's developmental milestones and can help out in that way.


Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4:00-8:00PM Saturday & Sunday 9:00AM-7:00PM Flexible schedule, please read additional info

About the Children

Girl, 4.5 - She's awesome and very mature for her age, super articulate. She loves art and is really good at sports as well. She's really smart and very communicative! She's starting kindergarten soon. Boy, 3 - He is so sweet and well-behaved! Boy, 13 months - He is always smiling! He's sweet and mischevious.


This fam is looking for someone super proactive who will get there in that afternoons during the week, see what needs to be done, and help out! For instance, someone who will help out with dinner prep, who will sit down with them at meals and engage with them, and help with baths & putting them down for bed in the evening. Their full-time nanny leaves at 6:15PM, so their new sitter would be in charge of getting them to bed around 7/7:30. On the weekends the kids love engaging activities - museums, the playground, arts & crafts, you name it. Anything that will keep them energized and interested!

Additional Information

This family must have a sitter for the weekends but is open to flexibility regarding which 3 days during the workweek their sitter will work. If a sitter is open to adding on an additional day (4-8PM), that would be ideal. Flexibility for coverage on date nights and parents' evening work events would be great. The full-time nanny that the sitter will be working alongside is calm, kind, and can get along with anyone! She has been working with the family for years and knows the children well. The supplemental sitter will have her there to assist when needed! She leaves at 6:15PM on the weekdays and DOES NOT work weekends.

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