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PART TIME: $25/hour for 12+ hours/week, Williamsburg, with baby boy, age 4 months! (fPTZY082319)

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This sweet new mom in Williamsburg is looking for someone to help out with her little hour month old baby boy starting soon! It's two days a week and six hours/day, and mom would love someone to just keep the baby happy and engaged so she can get things done. Fixed date night hours as well. Please apply if you love babies!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Someone who is really good with babies! Knows how to handle the baby confident. Someone who is going to listen to how mom wants to parent. Mom is open to your ideas and just wants you to be open to hers as well!


Monday and Wednesday 8:30am - 2:30/3pm Plus fixed date night hours!

About the Children

Baby boy, about 5 months: Some feeding issues but he’s sleeping well and is happy!


You'll be responsible for taking care of the baby - feed him, tummy time, down for naps, etc!

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    6 months, ideally longer!

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