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PART-TIME: $25/hour for 18 hours/week (flexible!), DUMBO, three boys, ages 6mo, 6, and 8! (fPTMM082619)

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This extremely warm and loving family with SAHM in Dumbo is looking for a new part-time nanny to care for their three boys. The family is very laid-back and easy-going. They welcome caregivers into their home with open arms and hope to find someone who can match and appreciate their warm and grateful energy. Their 3 boys are very open-minded, aware, and overall sweet. They get along with anyone who is warm and caring! Apply if this sounds like a family you'd love to work with!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Above all, the family is looking for someone warm and caring who is emotionally mature. Someone who is a creative thinker and enjoys the arts would be ideal! Someone who is laid-back and relaxed will fit right in with the family. Stay at home mom would love it if the sitter is comfortable with her being around every so often, but she's also not overbearing and wants the caregiver to be independent. Someone who is an open communicator will be best! The family views this relationship with their sitter as more of a partnership - they really want to establish a deep connection with the right sitter! Foreign language would be a plus!


Tuesday 12-5pm Wednesday 12-5pm Thursday 9-5pm This is a sample schedule and the hours are very flexible.

About the Children

Boy, 8 - Emotionally mature, very aware and kind, he cares a lot about who his caregiver is and enjoys people who are caring and can match his relaxed vibe! Loves learning to cook. Likes football, music, and dancing! Boy, 6 - Often called the “model” kid, both him and his older brother get rave reviews from their teacher. He's super happy go lucky - a very sweet and positive child. He and his brother like to have fun and are both really smart. Boy, 6 months - Extremely smiley baby and so so sweet! Super easy going (family would welcome candidates who don't have a lot of infant experience but want to gain some since their baby is so easy to care for)


The family would love someone who can match the boys' chill energy and who will truly enjoy spending time with them. Arts & crafts, playing outside and exploring new places to further develop and enrich their creative lives are all things that they love to do! The family would also love their sitter to be comfortable with performing household tasks that pertain to the children and also involve them in activities like learning to cook and prepare healthy meals!

Additional Information

The schedule this family is looking for is super flexible. They are happy to communicate their flexibility with a sitter they feel is going to be a great fit for their family. They are really looking for someone they can develop a warm relationship with.

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