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FULL-TIME: $30-35/hour for 35 hours/week, Midtown East, four kids (but usually just with one or two), ages 10, 10, 8, and 4! (fFTFT082819)

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This awesome Midtown East family is back to find a full-time sitter! They recently booked a part-time SmartSitter and are looking for an extra pair of hands to help primarily with the two youngest children (boy age 8 and girl age 4) and also to help out with household tasks and errands. They are a very sweet and loving family and are looking for someone who can really integrate themselves into the day-to-day life of the kids. Apply if this sounds like it would be a great fit!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Someone who is proactive, engaged, organized, and loves kids will thrive in this role! Someone who can anticipate the families needs will be great (for instance if the kids are out of toothpaste, the sitter knows to go on Amazon and buy more). The family would love their sitter to take initiative with these types of things. They would also enjoy someone with a sense of humor who can really connect at the kids level! In the past, this family has loved sitters who have experience studying or are interested in early childhood education or psychology. Mom is super interested in this type of thing, so even if it is just part of the sitter's interests, she would love to both be on the same page! The family travels during the year both domestically and internationally and would love to find a sitter who is not only on board with accompanying them on trips, but is also eager and excited about it! They spend quite a lot of time in North Carolina over the summer and while the sitter would not be expected to be there all the time, they would love to have that help when possible. It would be great if the sitter is able to drive while traveling domestically with the family.


Monday 9:00am - 7:00pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 11:30am - 7:00pm Friday: 7:00am - 3:00pm

About the Children

Girl, 4 - The sitter would primarily be caring for her. She’s very easy-going, definitely has a good mix of roughness from having three older brothers but can also be girly! She loves arts & crafts, loves puzzles, and is very creative but at the same time has the fun daredevil side to her. She's got a calm temperament, she's easy to reason with, and is very engaging. Boy, 8 - He's got high energy! He's sporty and active, loves to read, and loves legos and board games. He loves to be outside and running around with his brothers but is also happy to play quietly or curl up with a book! Mom would love it if the sitter could make an effort to bond with him as he sometimes feels left out in the shadow of his two older brothers. He would also really appreciate this attention! 2 boys, twins, 10: Both very high energy and love sports. This sitter won't be with them as much as the younger ones. They've got a lot of afterschool activities which will be handled by their part-time sitter. While this sitter will usually not be with all 4 kids at once, it will be great if they are prepared to be with all 4 if needed occasionally (traveling, overnights, etc)


The SmartSitter would mostly be caring for the daughter, age 4, and sometimes the youngest brother as well, age 8. On Mondays and Fridays while the kids are at school, the sitter would be getting there a little earlier to help with household tasks and some errands like groceries or shopping for birthdays, just some things that mom doesn't always have the time for. The daughter gets out of school at 11:30am, so the sitter would be picking her up from school, taking her to activities, and having fun with her! On Fridays the sitter would arrive at 7am to help mom get all 4 kids get out the door for school. It would be great if the sitter could help plan and prep meals, help to schedule playdates and after-school classes, and keep things generally organized!

Additional Information

The family is super flexible when it comes to scheduling, so if you feel as though you'd be a great fit please apply even if the schedule may need to be altered slightly. Mom may also want to add some hours here and there in the evenings, or sitter may be able to leave a bit early some days! They've got a part-time SmartSitter who cares mostly for the older boys and brings them to activities etc. They also have a housekeeper who will be around, so someone who's cool with being a team player will be awesome! Mom would love to start interviews ASAP. She is available Friday 8/30 in the afternoon and then again on Tuesday 9/3 and Wednesday 9/4.

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